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Chapter 38 What Did I Owe You in My Past Life?

  • Su Yao did not expect Ye Sichen to be obstinate.
  • With no other choice, she could only use her knockout blow, "I'm sorry. I really can't accept you. I don't love anything other than money. I applied to work in PR at Sky City. If you come to Sky City tomorrow night, you might see me among the hostesses using sex to sell wine. What's the point? Women like me sleep with anyone for money. Why embarrass your family by marrying me?"
  • Ye Sichen's face promptly turned pale!
  • He looked bafflingly at Su Yao, with a face so stricken by the shock that it stabbed Su Yao in her eyes.
  • "You... Are you going to do PR? Are you crazy? Why? Why would you rather be a prostitute than marry me? Su Yao? Hey? Say something? Am I so deplorable that there is no way you can fall for me?"
  • Ye Sichen questioned her like a lunatic!
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