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Chapter 36 It Was His Heart

  • The woman in red suddenly raised her hand, but her skinny arm got restrained in midair!
  • She stared hard in this belief at Su Yao!
  • Wasn't this woman always meek? Too afraid to even say a word? When did she start retaliating?
  • Su Yao swiftly flung her arm away. With her eyes brightly burning, she stared fixedly at her and wintrily said, "I didn't commit any crime. I earned an honest living selling alcohol. Every cent I made is aboveboard. If you're jealous, then drink harder instead of making excuses to bully others."
  • "Damn it. What can you do, if I'm just going to bully you today?
  • The woman in red was exasperated. She lifted her leg, swinging for her lower abdomen. But as she did, a voice suddenly rang from the door, "Su Yao, Mr. Lu is asking for you!"
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