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Chapter 31 $1 000 000, Don't Hold Back Bros

  • News of Bai Zhuzhu's demise was like tossing a pebble into a lake. After creating an average-sized ripple, it reverted entirely to tranquillity.
  • It was what Sky City was about, a place both passionate and heartless.
  • After Bai Zhuzhu died, Su Yao completely dropped her intention of uncovering the truth.
  • Since Lu Licheng disallowed it, she would stop. She would try to be more well-behaved. Sell 10 000 bottles as soon as she could and earn enough to see the boy.
  • Then she would be able to let go off her final care in the world and join the child.
  • She had spent enough time in this wretched world.
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