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Chapter 27 I Want to Take You Away From Here

  • Su Yao said confidently, "4 years ago, someone gave Bai Zhuzhu my photo and told her to get her face surgically done in my likeness. To begin with, we looked similar, so after a slight surgery, it was even harder to tell us apart. Moreover, it happened at a club, where the lights were so dim, no one could tell. I'm certain that the woman in the video, who toasted Lu Licheng, was Bai Zhuzhu!"
  • "Are you saying..." Ye Sichen frowned hard, "Someone got Bai Zhuzhu to undergo plastic surgery to look like you so that she could frame you?"
  • "Yup," Su Yao nodded her head, "To avoid suspicion, I didn't say a word to Lu Licheng that night, much give him a toast. Abby said that the time stamp on the CCCTV was 11:30 pm. Exactly when Zhou Tong and I were drinking in the bathroom. So, the woman outside pretending to me must be Bai Zhuzhu!"
  • "You and..." Ye Sichen abruptly paused to look curiously at her, "Zhou Tong were drinking in the bathroom?"
  • "Yes," Su Yao knew just like Abby, he would find it odd for her to drink with Zhou Tong in the bathroom. She sighed and said, "We talked a lot that night. Now that I think about it, perhaps Zhou Tong said that much to me because she was acting on a hunch."
  • Ye Sichen started at the ground in silence. His countenance was so gloomy it was scary.
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