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Chapter 25 One Step Away From the Truth

  • Bai Zhuzhu wailed and said, "At that time, a man gave me $ 100 000 telling me to get cosmetic surgery done to look like Su Yao. I agreed, since the woman and I looked alike and she was good looking. I didn't expect so much trouble"
  • "It's alright. Stop crying," the woman next to her was Ba He and someone Su Yao knew. She wore a skin-tight red dress. With her legs crossed sitting on the sofa, she held a cigarette in one hand. As the smoke billowed, she said, "Why were you so unlucky? Of all people, to get your face done to look like Su Yao. Honestly, did you get it done in her likeness ?"
  • "Of course not," Bai Zhuzhu rolled her eyes hard, "Although I didn't know who the woman in the picture was, I could tell she was a rich man's daughter. She had good graces and figure. how could she be someone as shameless as Su Yao?"
  • Putting out her cigarette, Ba He asked, "Why did the man give you $ 100 000 and get you to go for the cosmetic surgery?"
  • "To con a man into drinking wine," Bai Zhuzhu stopped crying and recollected, "I remember very well. After I received a client that night and was getting ready to make big bucks, I suddenly got a call from the man. The client was already here, so how could I go? I rejected him, but the man became anxious. He transferred $50 000 to my account, telling me to go right away."
  • Bai He got excited. She covered her mouth and laughed gently, "That much money? Did he want you to sleep with an 80 year old man?"
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