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Chapter 16 Like It or Not, You're Selling Yourself Tonight

  • Under the dim lights, Su Yao gazed at herself in the mirror.
  • Dressed in a white gauze-like dress that fell to her ankles, with her slim body faintly visible, made her more seductive.
  • Her dry hair fell casually over her shoulders cleverly concealing the ugly scar on her neck, while her pearlescent skin glowed slightly.
  • Probably due to the makeup, her dry skin did not seem as bad as it usually did. From her tiny V-shaped face, the Su Yao from 4 years ago was discernible.
  • Su Yao's heart constricted. No! She wasn't Su Yao!
  • That proud and confident Su Yao from 4 years ago had died in prison forced to death by Lu Licheng!
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