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Chapter 9 Cold-Blooded

  • “I hate you!” Upon finishing her words, Jocelyn turned around and ran away.
  • At that instant, Sebastian caught a glimpse of a necklace with a glass button on her neck as she whirled around. Why is this button with her? Before he could ask her about it, she had disappeared into the shadow of a Magnolia tree. The button… Jocelyn...
  • After he returned to his house, Matilda approached him and took his coat. Seeing the marks on his hand, she asked, “What happened to your hand?”
  • “Nothing.” Sebastian took off his wristwatch and tie before passing them to Matilda. Seeing the bite marks on his hand, he unknowingly put on a smile. “I was bitten by a wild cat.”
  • “A wild cat? Oh, no! What if the cat wasn’t vaccinated? It’s dangerous—”
  • Seeing how anxious she was, Sebastian interrupted her. “Where’s my mom?”
  • “She’s in the living room. You have to be mindful of your words because she’s incensed now.” Matilda finally remembered it and spoke in a small voice.
  • After a nod, Sebastian took off his shoes and stepped into the living room.
  • Nelly was seated on a couch as she put down her cup on the table with a clang. “Sebastian, you can’t call off the engagement. You’re Joanne’s fiancé, so how could you do such a thing with her sister? You’ve embarrassed our family as everyone in the city has heard about this now.” She was talking about Jocelyn.
  • Despite her disapproving tone, her expression remained impassive. Just like her usual self, she was elegant and aloof.
  • In a slow manner, Sebastian dropped some sugar into her cup. “Since you think this is a scandal, you should agree to calling off this engagement.”
  • “It was your grandpa who made the decision, so how could you call off the engagement as you please? I met with the McBrides today and decided that the engagement party would be held next month.”
  • Seeing how calm his mother was, Sebastian started feeling frustrated. Over the years, no matter what he had done, be it achieving good results or doing something wrong, she would never show any emotion on her face.
  • “Yes, the relationship within the McBride Family is a little complicated, but I’ve met Joanne several times. She’s a beautiful and polite girl with excellent academic results. I’m satisfied with her.” Nelly stared at him. “Your grandpa will return to the country in two days. He’s finally gotten over what happened to your brother, so you shouldn’t make him angry again.”
  • Sebastian raised his head and observed his mother. Even at the mention of his brother, her expression remained dispassionate, as though the incident had never happened. “I’m really curious what your heart is made of.” Not wanting to delve into this topic, Sebastian rose from the couch and was about to go upstairs.
  • “Stand right there.” Nelly’s hand on the armrest was trembling slightly.
  • Remaining on the spot, Sebastian cocked his head a little.
  • “How could you talk to me like this?” Nelly tried hard to control her emotions.
  • “This is how I talk to cold-blooded people.” Sebastian curled up his lips. “You already know that, don’t you?” After he finished speaking, he went up the stairs.
  • With her lips trembling, Nelly wanted to pick up her cup, but it clanged on the table again due to her unstable hand.
  • Matilda immediately took her hand and felt sorry for her upon seeing her pale face. “Mrs. Davis, it’s been years since the incident happened. Why don’t you tell Sebastian the truth? How long does this deadlock have to go on between you two?”
  • “No.” Nelly grabbed Matilda’s hand and spoke in a hushed voice. “Don’t tell him. Don’t tell him.”