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Chapter 7 A Scuffle

  • With her clothes drenched in sweat, Jocelyn finally reached Sundale University. Not long after she stepped into the classroom and took a seat, Joanne’s lackey, Molly Eckhart, approached her. “Jocelyn, how could you seduce Joanne’s fiancé? How did you become so shameless and cheap at such a young age?”
  • Knowing that she was instigated by Joanne, Jocelyn ignored her.
  • Seeing how calm Jocelyn was, Molly became anxious as she turned to look at Joanne, who hinted at her with her gaze. After that, Molly pointed at Jocelyn and started scolding her. “People always say that daughters resemble their mothers. Your mother was a b*tch who snatched the boyfriend of Joanne’s mother. I remember that she was a lunatic, right? Well, fortunately, she killed herself by jumping off a building so that she wouldn’t harm others again.”
  • Despite knowing that Joanne was the mastermind behind it, Jocelyn could never tolerate that Molly was making fun of her mother’s death. Clenching her fists, she rose from the chair with her entire body trembling. “I won’t allow you to humiliate my mom!” Her mother wasn’t a lunatic; she suffered from depression, and her condition worsened because of Nadine’s provocation.
  • “How dare you talk back! Your mother was just a lowly woman. She should have gone to hell earlier so that Joanne’s mother could marry your dad. You always bully Joanne because she’s kind. She’s afraid of you, but I’m not. You’re just a b*stard—” Before Molly could finish her words, Jocelyn landed a punch on her nose, causing the silicone in her nose to be crooked. “My nose! My nose! I’ll kill you!”
  • “Come on! I’m not afraid of you!”
  • In an instant, they got into a scuffle. Meanwhile, Joanne immediately started sobbing as she tried to pull them away, but in reality, she was clenching Jocelyn’s shoulders so that she couldn’t move.
  • After Jocelyn’s eye was elbowed by Molly, she began seeing stars. “F*ck off!”
  • Jocelyn tried to kick Joanne away, but before she even touched her, Joanne fell backward, upon which the man beside her quickly dashed forward to support her weight.
  • “How could you hit your sister when she was just trying to help you? Where’s your conscience?”
  • “Please don’t blame Jocelyn. She didn’t do it intentionally.” Joanne wiped away her tears and apologized to Jocelyn. “It’s all because of me. Molly is my friend, so I have to say sorry to you on her behalf.”
  • In an instant, the other students started reprimanding Jocelyn.
  • “You don’t have to apologize to her. Apparently, she always bullies you at home. Don’t be afraid of her. We’ll protect you!”
  • “That’s right. How could she be so arrogant when she’s just a C-list actress? I’ve recorded the fight. I’ll post it online and show the world how devious she is!”
  • Staring at Jocelyn with a vicious expression, Joanne curled up her lips.
  • Moments later, Jocelyn was summoned to the counselor’s office. The counselor, Maria Chandler, flapped Jocelyn’s test paper in the air. “Jocelyn, do you think you’re a superstar now after shooting some advertisements? Have you ever passed any exams? Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re pretty?”
  • Staring at her feet, Jocelyn remained silent.
  • “Your behavior is affecting others. As a woman, you shouldn’t get into a scuffle at all. Look at your sister, Joanne—she’s a diligent and obedient student. Are you two really from the same family?”
  • “We were not born of the same mother.” Jocelyn reminded her.
  • “How dare you talk back!” Maria pointed at her. “If your family and agent didn’t insist that you stay in this university, I would have expelled you! Call your guardian to come over.”
  • “There’s no one at my home.”
  • “No one?” Maria raised her voice. “Your dad attended Joanne’s public speaking contest yesterday. How could there be no one at your home? Stop messing with me and call your father now!”
  • Left with no choice, Jocelyn fished out her phone and called Jeremy. The call was connected a long time later, upon which Jeremy said in an impatient voice, “Jocelyn, what’s the matter?”
  • Even though Jocelyn couldn’t see her father, she could imagine his disdainful expression. “Miss Chandler wants you to come over.”
  • “What happened?”
  • “I got into a fight.”