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Chapter 5 The Scandal

  • At 3.00AM in Fairview Villa, Sebastian was asleep when he felt someone sneaking under his quilt, so he opened his eyes and pressed his hand against the person’s forehead before speaking in a cold voice. “Jocelyn, don’t you try to cross the boundary.”
  • Moments ago, when he opened the car door outside the hospital, she snuck into the car and pleaded with him that she had nowhere to go, so he decided to let her stay over in his house. Unexpectedly, she had even climbed onto his bed now.
  • Jocelyn crawled under the quilt and stuck out her head before pouting. In a choking voice, she said, “Sebastian, I’m cold.”
  • “Get out,” he demanded.
  • Relentlessly, she lay on top of him and touched his chest. “I’m really afraid of the cold. Can you feel how cold my hands are?” She wouldn’t release him as she even tried to wrap her legs around his like an octopus. “My legs are cold as well.”
  • When Sebastian grabbed her legs and was about to rebuke her, he noticed that her legs were indeed as cold as ice.
  • While he was startled, Jocelyn wrapped her hands around his waist and got into a comfortable position. “Sebastian, don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you. I just want to sleep with you,” she uttered.
  • Sebastian’s gaze darkened. What on earth is on her mind? Feeling impatient, he tried to pull her hands away. “Why do you always climb onto a man’s bed? A girl shouldn’t be so easy.” Upon finishing his words, he realized that she wasn’t moving anymore as the atmosphere turned awkwardly silent.
  • He was about to get engaged to Joanne, so he wanted to lecture Jocelyn on behalf of her family members. However, seeing her in her current state, he couldn’t bring himself to do that. He wasn’t a man who was good at consoling girls; seeing that she remained silent, he felt that he might have gone overboard with his words. After all, she was eight years younger than he was. Maybe I’ve said something wrong, he thought to himself as he fell silent. When he heard her stable breathing some time later, he set his mind at ease and slumbered off as well.
  • The next morning, the sunlight filtered through the window and cast its glow on the beige quilt, making both of them feel warm. Upon hearing the doorbell ringing, Jocelyn leaped off the bed to open the door before Sebastian awakened.
  • At the entrance, Joanne, who was holding a thermal flask, froze on the spot as her smile faded. Following that, she yelled, “Jocelyn!”
  • Shocked by her scream, Jocelyn covered her ears. Well, she’s finally turned into a fishwife.
  • Awakened by the noise, Sebastian sat up on the bed, exposing his broad chest. Jocelyn raised her eyebrow as she gleefully watched Joanne’s contorting face.
  • “Jocelyn, h-how could you…” Joanne was so exasperated that she couldn’t finish her sentence. If it weren’t because of Sebastian’s presence, she would have hurled the thermal flask right at her sister’s face.
  • When she saw the intimate photos last night, she wasn’t mad at all; she even sneered at the fact that Jocelyn thought she would be enraged by these photos. Thinking that Sebastian must be displeased after the scandal, she decided to prepare some soup for him to show him how considerate she was. However, she didn’t expect that she would come across Jocelyn in his house in the morning.
  • “What on earth are you trying to say?” Jocelyn questioned. If everyone could see how hideous she looks now, she would no longer be the campus belle.
  • “You’re so shameless!” Joanne’s eyes turned bloodshot. “How could you sleep with him when you know that he’s my fiancé?”
  • Jocelyn couldn’t help but clap her hands, thinking that her sister totally deserved the best actress award. “Sebastian.” She turned to look at the half-naked man on the bed. “I bedded my sister’s fiancé. What should I do?”
  • It was difficult to read the emotion behind Sebastian’s gaze. In a dispassionate manner, he put on a shirt and buttoned up before approaching the ladies. Then, he said, “Jo, our families are closely connected, so I hope that you’ll do well in your life.”
  • Seeing how gentle he was, Joanne felt hopeful. Sebastian was known to be an impassive man who treated everyone coldly, including his mother. However, he now called her ‘Jo’ and even hoped that she would do well in life.
  • Feeling jealous, Jocelyn rolled her eyes. Jo? How intimate! Hmph. Why has he never called me Josie or something? After giving it a thought, Jocelyn realized that she would probably be disgusted by Sebastian if he really called her ‘Josie’.
  • Sebastian saw her rolling her eyes but decided not to settle the score with her now as he shifted his attention back to Joanne, who was looking at him lovingly.
  • “I heard that you’ve gotten together with Lucas Kent. I’m really glad that you’ve found a man you love, so I won’t hold you up. Don’t worry. I’ll visit your parents soon and call off the engagement.”
  • What? Joanne turned pale in an instant.
  • Meanwhile, Jocelyn was drinking water, and she sprayed it out on an expensive drawing when she heard that.