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Chapter 3 A Typical Insensitive Man

  • After entering a bar, Jocelyn fished out her phone and posted some intimate photos on Twitter.
  • JocelynTheBeautiful: ‘Oh, no! I’ve slept with my brother-in-law!’
  • Jocelyn was a C-list actress who was already infamous for her behavior. Now that she had slept with the successor to Davis Enterprise—also her future brother-in-law—Sebastian Davis, she became the center of criticism in an instant. However, she didn’t care as long as she could embarrass Joanne.
  • The bartender, Talia Greenwood, made her a glass of Pear Martini and clapped her hands. “Your pretentious sister should be blowing her top by now, haha! However, you should have made love to Sebastian. Do you know that he’s one of the most desired men in the country? If I were you, I would have bedded him!”
  • “I’m not as slutty as you are!” Jocelyn waved her hand as her expression turned serious. “I’ll give my first time to the man I love. I don’t love him!”
  • Talia widened her eyes in disbelief upon hearing that. “What?! You are a virgin?”
  • Jocelyn’s face blushed in an instant. Due to her mother’s death, she felt insecure when it came to love. During her high-school days, she was aggressively pursued by Lucas Kent. At that time, she was just an inexperienced girl, so she agreed to his pursuit without much thought, yet she couldn’t bring herself to have sex with him. However, she didn’t expect that Joanne successfully hooked up with him just by sending him some nudes.
  • “That’s not the main issue now!” Jocelyn’s face turned a shade redder. “Joanne is a shrewd woman. If I can’t get together with Sebastian, I-I...”
  • Seeing that Jocelyn was clenching her fists, Talia straightened up and paid attention to what she was about to say. However, Jocelyn didn’t even know what she should say, so she landed a slap on the table and growled, “I’d change my surname to Davis!”
  • “Well, you’d get his surname if you got married to him.”
  • “But that old man is unromantic, and he’s infamous for being a typical insensitive man. I won’t get married to such a man.” Jocelyn shook her head repeatedly.
  • “Are you still looking for the man who saved you before?” Talia shook the cocktail in her hand and tilted her head. “He hasn’t come to this bar for a long time.”
  • Jocelyn touched the necklace on her neck. A glass button was hung as a pendant on the necklace.
  • Previously, she was molested by some drunk men in this bar. It was a man in a black suit who saved her. Amidst the chaos, she accidentally pulled out a button from the man's shirt. Since then, the man never came to this bar again, so she hadn’t seen him for a long time. “He’s just someone who saved me before. Anyway, I don’t love Sebastian!”
  • Jocelyn’s intention was to make Sebastian fall madly in love with her so that she could make Joanne’s blood boil. After making up her mind, she gulped down the cocktail and called Sebastian. When the call was connected, she said in a soft tone, “Sebastian, I’m drunk.” She spoke in a languid voice as she swung her legs under the table.
  • Upon hearing that, Sebastian closed his laptop and leaned against the chair before replying in a dispassionate manner, “Tell your family members to fetch you since you’re drunk.”
  • With a blushing face, Jocelyn pouted. “No! I want you to come over!”
  • Sebastian shook his head as he recalled that their intimate photos had caused some brouhaha in the city. I haven’t settled the score with her, so how could she come teasing me again? “I’ll hang up the call now if there’s nothing else.” He didn’t want her to keep messing with him.
  • “Sebastian! How could you leave me here in this bar? Some bad people might come to bully me at any moment!” Jocelyn straightened up and placed her hand on her hip. Unexpectedly, she hit the man behind her, causing the glass in his hand to fall to the ground and break into pieces.
  • “Are you blind or what?”
  • Right before Sebastian hung up the call, he could hear Jocelyn’s scream and a man’s rude insults. It was in the middle of the night. When he rose from the chair and saw that the clock on the wall had struck midnight, he pulled on his tie in an impatient manner. Whether or not she’s in trouble, it has nothing to do with me.
  • After stepping into his bedroom, he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. However, he just couldn’t fall asleep as he kept tossing and turning on the bed. Suddenly, he got off the bed and put on his coat before shuffling out of the house.
  • When Matilda Holland, Sebastian’s housekeeper, saw him, she asked, “Where are you going?”
  • “I have something to do.” Upon finishing his words, Sebastian got into his car and left the place.
  • Matilda was shocked by the speed at which he drove the car. Sebastian had always been a calm man—the last time she saw him so anxious was when the incident five years ago happened.
  • Soon, Sebastian reached the bar. However, after he searched around the place, Jocelyn was still nowhere in sight. Frustrated, he thought, Damn it! No matter how arrogant she is, she’s a young girl after all. If I didn’t hesitate to help her, she would have been safe.
  • With a scowl, he went on with the search as he grew more apprehensive by the minute. Eventually, when he reached the end of the corridor and was about to go upstairs, he saw a petite figure in the corner—it was Jocelyn.
  • Seeing her, he let out a sigh of relief, even though he didn’t know why he felt this way.