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Chapter 2 The Engagement

  • “Jocelyn!”
  • When Jocelyn reached the elevator, she came across two people she didn’t want to meet—her stepmother, Nadine Jacobson, and her sister, Joanne McBride. Knowing that she couldn’t flee, Jocelyn decided to lean against the wall.
  • “I didn’t believe it at first when other people told me that you were seducing Sebastian. Now that you’ve been caught red-handed, how are you going to explain yourself? You’re such a slut! How could you sleep with Sebastian? Why are you doing this to Joanne?” Nadine pointed at her and snarled.
  • “Pfft.” Jocelyn laughed in exasperation. “Yes, he’s Joanne’s fiancé, but we all know how this engagement came about.”
  • When Jocelyn was still in her mother’s womb, her grandfather, Josh McBride, had decided that she would get married to Sebastian in the future. However, Jeremy McBride later found a new wife, Nadine, who made Josh change his mind. Long story short, Sebastian and Joanne were going to get engaged next month.
  • Jocelyn couldn’t tolerate it, so she decided to hook up with Sebastian. As expected, Nadine and Joanne came to the hotel to catch them in the act.
  • “Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Don’t you realize you’re not a good match for Sebastian?” Nadine poked Jocelyn’s head with her index finger. Her fingernails were covered with red nail polish. “You’re just a girl with poor academic results; you’re not even remotely comparable to Joanne!”
  • Feeling pain on her forehead, Jocelyn slapped away Nadine’s hand and scowled. “Don’t touch me!”
  • “You’re seducing Sebastian because you’re jealous of Joanne. How could there be such a shameless woman like you?”
  • “So what?” Jocelyn lifted her chin and shrugged. “You also know that Sebastian has never slept with any woman before, but he’s willing to make love to me. It goes to show that I’m the one he loves.”
  • “How dare you talk back!”
  • “Why wouldn’t I dare to?” Jocelyn shot her a glare and turned to leave.
  • All of a sudden, Joanne said coldly, “Jocelyn, you’re just jealous because Lucas loves me, not you.” She kept a gentle smile on her face.
  • To everyone else, Joanne was a beautiful girl with excellent academic results, while Jocelyn was an immoral and lowly girl; even if Joanne were to seduce Lucas Kent, everyone would think that it was Jocelyn’s fault.
  • “Oh, well. You can keep that jerk to yourself. I don’t care. However, Sebastian has fallen in love with me, and this fact will never change.”
  • “Jocelyn, this is just your one-sided story. Do you seriously think you can retaliate on me by seducing my fiancé? You’re just like your brainless mother. Sebastian is right inside the room. Why don’t we ask him whether he loves a b*stard like you?” Joanne curled up her lips.
  • In an instant, Jocelyn’s eyes turned bloodshot. “I won’t allow you to humiliate my mother.”
  • “What a poor girl. Jocelyn, you’ll be chased out of the family one day, just like your mother was. As long as I’m here, I’ll never go easy on you.”
  • Trembling in fury, Jocelyn landed a loud slap on her face. “Shut up!”
  • Joanne’s head was jerked to the side from the impact. Just when she wanted to rebuke Jocelyn, she suddenly put on a pitiful expression and said, “Jocelyn, why did you slap me?”
  • Jocelyn couldn’t bear to see how pretentious her sister was. No matter what happened, everyone would be fooled by her pretense and think that it was all Jocelyn’s fault.
  • “I—” Before Jocelyn could finish her words, she felt a slap on her face, then she fell to the ground. The slap was so powerful that she was seeing stars and couldn’t come to her senses for a moment. When her vision cleared up, she saw that Jeremy was consoling Joanne with his hands on her shoulders while he shot a disdainful look at her.
  • “How dare you try to seduce your sister’s fiancé! I wouldn’t have found out how shameless you could be if I hadn’t come here! How could you slap your sister when you’re in the wrong? I don’t want to see you again!”
  • Still sitting on the ground, Jocelyn felt that half of her face was numb. With a dispassionate expression, she stared at the three people before her eyes. At that moment, Nadine was looking at her with a smug smile; meanwhile, Joanne was pretending to be sorrowful, and Jeremy was glowering at her. Jocelyn felt like they were one family while she was the outsider.
  • Ignoring the pain, Jocelyn got to her feet and straightened up before turning around.
  • Staring at her leaving figure, Jeremy growled, “Jocelyn, come back here and apologize to your sister!”
  • Apologize to her? Jocelyn snorted and thought that she would rather die than apologize to that b*tch. “I don't have time for you. Bye.” Upon finishing her words, she stepped into the elevator.