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Chapter 8

  • Two years had passed since that incident. In the beginning, all the pack warriors search for those vampires in each and every area of the forest, also in the hotels of the nearby city, by acting like fake cops and asking for a criminal who was kind of hiding during the daytime and leaves the hotel only at night. But in the end, the result was all NIL. In the end, they ended up hoping that maybe those vampires came near the pack just by accident, or might they were just roaming here and there.
  • Everyone brushed that topic away and had almost moved on from that incident, even the Alpha of the pack, who didn't leave any loophole from his end to ensure that no incident like that would be repeated again.
  • Little did they know that their enemy was watching each and every move silently and was planning everything against them by taking tiny little steps every day like a cunning predator. Little did they know that their enemy had taken two steps behind just to attack them with more power.
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