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Chapter 7

  • “Have you seen their faces?” The Alpha of the pack, William Pataky, asked Liara, who was safely brought to the pack by the warriors that were sent after Evan and his warriors had mind-linked them about the trap. But it was their bad luck that by the time they reached the location, they found two warriors of the pack dead, and Liara Haysbert was missing. Everyone started searching for her badly. It was because of two reasons. First, all the students were their responsibility, and in the case of Liara, the Alpha had to face the wrath of a lot of powerful personalities, not just her father and brothers but even her sisters and brother-in-law would turn the whole pack upside down. And if this wasn't enough, then Liara's relatives were also damn too strong.
  • The Alpha himself joined the search team when he came to know that Liara Haysbert was involved in this, but thankfully nothing happened to her, and they found her walking out of the forest with her heavy luggage.
  • “No, Alpha.” Liara shook her head. She wasn’t trying to protect them. She was just speaking the truth. “They had worn the mask on their face.” She added next.
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