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Chapter 31

  • "Breaking news!! The last Alpha Heir of the Silver Moon Pack, Kennedy Wayne's bloodline, is spotted near the River Moon pack. Here is one glimpse of that wolf which got captured in the camera of a wolf who was there in the forest on 10th of Feb." The new reporter of the WNR (Werewolf News Report) said, showing one blur image of a Silver wolf. "The person who shared this information with us wants to keep his identity safe and secure. Maybe that's why he didn't mention his name in detail in the email and has sent this information with some anonymous name.' "But never mind, it's a message to all those pack members of the Silver Moon Pack who survived the attack a century back to reach out at the email showing on the display if you want to get in touch with your Alpha." "I know several years have passed since that incident; a couple of you would have turned rouge, or a couple of you might have joined the new pack. But still, there is nothing wrong in getting in touch with an heir of that pack which used to be your root." The news reporter added. "Now, coming back to the other news, famous Alpha...." Liara closed the new app and looked at Alaric. "I hope this might help us to find proof." She said to which he nodded his head. The very next moment, Alaric felt that Liara could help him find the whole truth; he didn't wait for a second and looked for her number in his phone and texted her to meet him in the library during her next break. But Liara didn't show up and ignored his message too. She wasn't stupid to go somewhere again where she was asked to come, that too by a vampire, who knew that he might have set some trap for her. And somewhere, Alaric sensed it too. Why would she come to meet him without knowing the reason behind the meeting? Alaric then finally typed a long message like some essay, explaining the reason why he wanted to meet her, and he also mentioned that how Theodore was born just a couple of months after the attack on Silver Moon Pack. He suggested to her that since they were trying to find the same thing then, they should work together to find the proof, which could help in finding the truth. Liara again didn't reply to that messaged him back, and a day later, she met him again in the library to show him what she had done to dig out the past. "Umm... don't you think that someone might hear us here?" Alaric asked in a low tone. "No. Because the whole pack is watching the same video and I have asked my brother-in-law to keep this news in trend for a while. Let's see what kind of response we get in return." She said, to which he nodded his head because, at that moment, he was also out of the idea of how he should find out about Kennedy Wayne. "That blurry silver wolf doesn't look like Beasty, though. From where did you get that picture?" Alaric asked. "Because that picture is fake. Obviously, I wasn't in the state to click Theo's Lycans photo at that moment." Liara replied, shrugging her shoulder. She picked a picture of the silver wolf from the internet to use for her story. The only couple she could trust for this work was her sister Caroline and her mate, Artemis. She knew that they would help her without asking tons of questions in return. "Not just that, even the date and the name of the pack mentioned in the news are wrong. So that people won't get suspicious about the connection between the death of those vampires with Theodore's Lycan." Liara explained. She had planned perfectly before taking this step. "Even vampires can see this news?" Alaric asked. "Yes!! They can if they enter in werewolves' land because the signal of this channel is blocked in their land." Liara replied before asking, "Do you want to hide this news from anyone from your coven?" "No. I don't want to hide it." Alaric said, shaking his head. "But I think my master knew that Beasty's wolf was a Lycan because he knows Beasty from the days when he was just a baby. That's the reason he never shifted. I have read that Lycan doesn't shift until they find their mate. Maybe that's why I never show him shifting before. Now that, if he will see this news, then he will be realized that Beasty found his mate already." "Oh. Is that a problem? I mean, if he finds out that Theo found his mate?" Liara asked and received no response in return because Alaric didn't want to tell her that how they used to treat mates in their coven for the first time. "Guess what? Forget that question. But the theory about Lycan not shifting until they find their mate is applied only to hybrid or Tribid or more. So that their mate or mates can help them in handling their powers together; if anyone is a pure Lycan, then they can shift any age of their life depending on the nature of their Lycan. Some shift at ten, then some at fifteen or sixteen years old." She said and realized that she was giving him more information than required. She really couldn't control her knowledge and started distributing it everywhere, even when no one asked for it. * "Does someone really think that they will able to fool me by showing me fake news?" Elder Ozul spoke, watching the news, and observed the email id. "If you want to play, then let's play." He muttered and started tying the email. 'Hello there, I want to meet the new Alpha. And I also know Kennedy Wayne, my Luna. I can never forget that horrible night in my life. Please reply to me back. I'm an old man of 108 years old, and I don't want to close my eyes before meeting the new Alpha.' With this, he sent the email and fumed in anger. 'Alaric!! You're so dead. You didn't inform me about Beast finding his mate.' He thought and dialed someone's number. "Why did you call me?" The person on the other side asked icily. "I had to ask that how much time more?" Ozul asked. "Less than four weeks." "I'm so proud of you, Beast." Hearing this, Theodore disconnected the call. No one, not even Alaric, knew that he had a keypad phone that Ozul had given him so that they could talk once a month directly without keeping Alaric in the loop. 'I'm glad that I never trusted Alaric blindly.' He thought and started planning Alaric's murder in such a way that Theodore would end up believing that it was werewolves who killed his only friend. "I will never let him know the truth. NEVER." . #TBC . A/N: Thank you for standing by my side this year. May our bond only grow stronger as we move into 2023. Sending the warmest wishes for a wonderful new year. Have a sparkling New Year!
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