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Chapter 4

  • He sneered at the scent of sex and sweat coming from his buddy’s body, Alaric.
  • “Hey, Beasty!!” Alaric said, climbing up on the tree and sitting behind him.
  • “It’s Beast.” He corrected Alaric. “A beast who killed his own mother.” He said coldly and had a blurred memory of a dead woman holding him in her arms.
  • Alaric quickly changed the topic when he sensed his friend’s mood started changing.
  • “Liam found his mate today, and after fucking her, he gave her to all of us,” Alaric said in excitement. “And guess what? She is amazing. Even you should go and try her.”
  • Beast rolled his eyes, hearing it. He had fucked many women in all his life but… but he never felt the excitement and happiness that everyone talked about.
  • All the vampires used to share their mate with each other as per their mood but sharing the mate for the first time was kind of mandatory.
  • “I don’t feel anything, Alaric,” Beast replied before adding. “I feel angry when any woman moans shamelessly. I just want to rip her throat and shut her mouth forever. They are all the same for me. I fuck them and then feel irritated.”
  • Alaric stayed beside him silently, not leaving his side even though he was feeling scared because of the Beast’s aura that he was releasing. He had known Beast for the last eighty years, but he knew the back story of the Beast.
  • The Elder of the vampire had found him eating soil by sitting beside a skeleton, which was supposed to be his mother’s skeleton. Elder Ozul brought Beast with him to the coven and trained him to be the best and, yes, a heartless monster. Beast was his right hand and also the only one who could walk in the sun. That was because he was different, a hybrid, half vampire and half werewolf. And that was also one of the because why he was bullied and tortured at a young age.
  • He used to complain to Elder Ozul about it just like any other child but little did he know that everything that used to happen with him was on Elder’s order. Elder had to kill the humanity that Beast had in his heart, the kindness and innocence that he had gotten from his mother from birth.
  • “Maybe you won’t feel the same when you will find your mate,” Alaric suggested.
  • “Mate?” He scoffed. “I don’t want mate. Mate makes the creature weak. I’m hundred years old now and haven’t found my mate. Not that I’m interested because they are nothing but weakness, and I don’t want one because that’s the point; that keeps me strong.”
  • “And why would any vampire want me? I’m not even pure. I’m half dog, something that they hate the most. Something that I hated the most. It has been more than half a century since I accept this truth. When the vampires of the coven couldn’t accept me for that what I am in the last hundred years. Then I don’t think my mate will accept me just like that.”
  • “Moreover, my whole existence is a mistake. My mother was a pure vampire, but some mutt raped her multiple times, again and again, and again, and I’m the result of that dirt. I believe she was the only one who loved me, and she too had to have died while giving birth to me.”
  • “How… how do you know that she was raped by werewolves?” Alaric asked in shock because Beast had never talked out this before. Never ever. And talking about other vampires, no one talked to him properly except him, so he was his only friend, Or that was what Beast supposed.
  • “My mother told me when I was in her womb that she was raped. She didn’t talk to me about it in detail. Maybe because it wasn’t a pleasant memory for her. And Elder Ozul told me what had happened with my mother.” He revealed, widening Alaric’s eyes.
  • “But…but vampires don’t reproduce.”
  • “I know, but that’s the funny thing about the miracle that it happens every day. But this is not a miracle but a curse for me, and I swear that I will swipe the whole existence of those mutts from history slowly and gradually. I will show those mutts what kind of monster they had accidentally created.”
  • *
  • Alaric informed the same Elder Ozul, who smiled at his achievement. He had perfectly brainwashed his weapon in all these years against werewolves. It cost him a lot of things, though. He had to kill all those vampires who knew the truth about what had happened with Kennedy Wayne and the fact that she was actually a werewolf, not a vampire. And she was raped by vampires, not by a werewolf.
  • “Good job, Alaric. For the first time, you have brought some useful information.” Elder Ozul spoke, sighing in relief. He had to make sure that his weapon thought things in the same way in which he wanted him to. Because it took around seventy years to become the strongest and most powerful coven in the whole world, and it was because of his Beast, who hated werewolves from the bottom of his heart.
  • So, the person who built an empire for him could also destroy it.
  • That was why it was important for him to keep the Beast that he had raised to keep him tame.
  • “Elder Ozul, is this really true? I mean, about Beasty’s mother?” Alaric asked but immediately regretted asking that question when he started feeling pain all over his body.
  • “You’re my puppet. A puppet whom I have created just to keep me updated with all the information about that monster. Nothing more than that. And don’t you dare to start treating that monster as your friend because you’re loyal to me, not him.”
  • “Yes! Yes, master!!” Alaric replied when Ozul stopped using his power on him. Browning his head Alaric left from there. The way his master reacted to his question, he was positive that things weren’t in the way he had heard.
  • Yes, it was true that it was no less than a miracle that a vampire could reproduce but was Kennedy Wayne really a vampire?
  • ‘Well, no one knew about it because the whole coven was destroyed around ninety-eight years before by the werewolves.’ Alaric thought and looked toward the sky. It was time for the sunrise, which meant he had to sleep now until the sunset.
  • He looked at the Moon, which was started disappearing now.
  • “Mother Selene!! I’m sure you know what the truth was. Please help your child in finding peace. He thinks that he is a mistake and he is dirt, but miracles can’t happen without your wish. So, please help him because I can’t.” He talked with the goddess of both vampires and werewolves.
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