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Chapter 63

  • Before Theodore could understand and guess Liara’s next move, he was on the floor. Liara pushed him away with all her energy. “Don’t you dare come close to me?” She hissed icily. Theodore recalled saying the same sentence back when she tried to clean the cream that lingered on his mustache even after cleaning his mouth. He cursed himself for hurting Liara to the extent that she had turned so cold toward him. “Lia…” Theodore stood up on his feet to talk with her. “It’s Liara for you. Beast.” Liara said coldly and saw the pain in his eyes. It was something that he wasn’t capable of doing before, but she didn’t want to be a fool again by him because the person standing in front of her just knew using people’s emotions and playing with their trust. “Okay, Liara!! I want to….” “Get out!!” Liara said, cutting him in between, and sat on the bed, wrapping a blanket around her. “Pleaseeee… give me a chance to….” “I gave US a chance, Beast. Now, that offer is closed. I have already rejected you. Now accept this rejection and free me from this meaningless bond.” Liara, again, cut him in between. Theodore couldn’t understand how to convince her to listen to him. Hell, he was never good in this conversation, and Liara was making it not easy for him. The woman who could read his silence wasn’t ready to listen to a word from him. “Just because I marked Tiara first, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you.” He spoke, thinking this was the right thing to speak. Liara fumed in anger because he wasn’t leaving. Since she was naked under the blanket, she couldn’t force him out of the room, but it looked like she had to step out of the blanket. Nudity was normal in werewolves, and the second part was that it wasn’t that he didn’t have seen her naked. “Leave,” Liara said, throwing the blanket away from her naked body. “Liara, I want you. I now us to work.” Theodore said when she grabbed his arms and was ready to drag him out of her room. “I’m not leaving until you listen to me.” He said, jerking her hand away from his arms. “We will see.” Liara marched down the door, naked, and unlocked it. ‘What the hell!! Was she going out naked now?’ Inigo growled in Theodore’s mind before Liara would have opened the door. “Fuck! Lia,” He hissed when his eyes landed on her naked ass. The door had opened a couple of inches when Theodore kept his hand on the door, locking it again. Liara gasped when she was pressed against the door. Theodore didn’t say anything for a second, trying to calm down his heartbeats before pressing his lips to the side of her neck and lingering there for a few seconds. He wanted to tell her how much he missed her enchanting scent, how much he missed her. He didn’t change for Tiara but for her, but his smell was disturbing him. All he wanted was to mark her and make love to her so hard that she would be screaming his name. The name that she kept. “Please listen to once!!” He whispered against her ear. “Either you’re leaving my room, or I will leave.” She said stubbornly. “Fine!! I’m leaving.” He agreed, finally understanding the part that until and unless she wouldn’t want to listen to him on her own, things wouldn’t work out. He had another option too, i.e., forcing her to listen to him, but at that moment, half of the things would vanish in thin air because she wouldn’t be listening to him with all her attention. “I will wait.” He added, recalling that he had read somewhere, ‘Waiting is a sign of true Love and patience. Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true.’ “I want to become the perfect mate for you, Love. Please, one chance,” He whispered while unlocking the door. His voice came out more like begging, but Liara didn’t dare to look into his eyes even when he opened the door and walked. She knew his eyes were on her, but she still didn’t look in his direction. She just stood behind the door, wondering why she was even standing there when he had already left. She locked the door and returned to the bed. ‘He could have said, ‘I LOVE YOU.’’ Destiny growled, complaining about Theodore’s confession. Liara shook her head, knowing about her fireball, who stayed angry more of the time. ‘One day, I will be strong enough to bite his wolf’s ass for marking Tiara’s first. Stupid horny wolf.’ She complained next. ‘What are you thinking, human?’ ‘I don’t know. I don’t trust him, Destiny.’ Liara confessed. All of a sudden, the door of her room was wide open, and Tiara walked inside. Destiny scolded her human for not locking the door. Liara wanted to hide inside the blanket, but then her sister had already watched her naked. Tiara locked the door before yelling, “Last night, you were giving me a big lecture that he is my mate now. You have rejected him, etc, etc., then can you explain why the hell are you sitting naked here, and your scent is all over my mate’s clothes?” Destiny started struggling to answer her back, but Liara shut her. “You could have asked dad about this reason instead of coming here and starting yelling at me.” “Dad? What do you mean, Lee? Give me a straight answer.” “We were not having sex or making out, if that is what you’re thinking,” Liara replied. “Why don’t you ask your mate who is not accepting my rejection and asking for a chance even when I asked multiple times to leave me alone? And I’m naked because I fainted during the training.” “Training? Since when…” “That’s not the main concern. The main concern is your mate is not leaving me alone. He was about to kiss me, taking advantage of my unconsciousness. So, if you want to yell at anyone, then go to him and fight with him. Don’t act like a bitch in front of me.” “So, nothing happened between you two?” Tiara asked in a low tone when she saw Liara in a bad mood. Liara ignored her question. Tiara sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m sorry, Lee. I knew that I behaved like a bitch. I know he is your mate, too, and he has every right to spend time with you. At the same time, I won’t lie, but from the moment you told me that you had rejected him. I want to be selfish and want Theodore all by myself. Moon Goddess may bless you with a second chance mate, or someone may choose you as a chosen mate.” “See, whatever is in mind and heart. I’m making it clear to it.” Tiara said when Liara kept staring at her with her narrowed eyes. “I don’t understand why you are making things clear to me. I already guessed that when you yelled at me.” Liara pointed out. “You should be telling this to your mate, not me. Tell him to accept rejection instead of wasting your time here with me.” “I… I can’t.” Tiara mumbled, on which Liara arched her eyebrow. “I want to stay in his good books, you know. So, I am kind of playing two roles here. I supported him that he should try to win your heart there, and here I want you to help me by doing something because of which he will need up rejecting you.” “I know. I’m not doing this right, but can you blame me? He loves someone else. And he confessed this in front of me.” Hearing this, Liara didn’t react, but she felt butterflies in her stomach. “I already have to share him with the thought of that woman. I’m scared and insecure about the part. It will be better if you will be out of the picture.” Liara didn’t know what she should feel about that piece of information. If Theodore was really in Love and that too with her, then Tiara was going to get the bigger shock of her life. She could bet that things would sour between them. “Listen, you want him to accept your rejection, then why don’t you push him to the extent that he will reject you on his own?” Tiara said, holding Liara’s hand. “No mates stand their mate cheating on them, so I was wondering if you would like the same to push him away.” Liara pulled her hands from her sister’s hand, looking at her in shock, wondering whether she had lost her mind or was drunk. “No. I’m not asking to sleep with another person. All you have to do is fake it or pretend like that.” Tiara cleared it. “I’m not an actress like you, Tee. And I know that even pretending means at least kissing someone to make him believe that I’m with someone else, and I can’t do that.” Liara rejected her idea. “Fine then!! I will plan something on my own.” Tiara mumbled. “I won’t suggest you do anything like this, Tee. If he will come to know about it, then he will be damn too hurt.” “Who is going to tell him anyway? Not you and not me.” Tiara asked. “All I want you to stay away from him and avoid him as much as possible, okay?” She asked on which Liara nodded her head because she was planning to do the same. “Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! You’re the best sister that one can ever get.” Tiara said, getting excited, and lunged at Liara, giving her a bone-crushing hug. * ‘The moment I try to think positively about Tiara. She ends up running everything.’ Theodore thought after hearing their conversation. ‘Please don’t be mad at her. She is acting selfish just because she loves us.’ Inigo tried to calm his other half. ‘And no one is perfect, right? Neither are you.’ Theodore pressed his lips, not saying anything about that. Fine! He agreed with his wolf, but at the same time, everything had a limit. * #TBC * A/N: Thank you for reading. Please do vote and leave a gem.
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