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Chapter 7 The Morning After

  • "Oh, my head. Am I dead? What...wait... Anthony?" He suddenly woke up and kissed my shoulder.
  • "You're not dead Lilian, morning my sweet Lilian. Don't tell me you forget about last night, cause I don't have a problem repeating it this morning." He said huskily, as he nudged his morning boner to my side intentionally.
  • "Oh shit! I'm a horny drunk, and I finally did it with you!" I giggled at him, sitting up and quickly cover up my naked breast.
  • "Lilian, it's too damn early to curse. Yes, you are a horny drunk and you don't have to cover up your nakedness, I've seen it all last night. Maybe I should see it again this morning." He said tugging down the sheet, making me half naked to his eyes.
  • "Beautiful, so round and supple let me lick and suck them, Lilian? I want to see them in the morning light my sweets." But he didn't wait for my answer, as he lay me down and got on top of me licking and sucking my tits. He was making me thrust forward, giving him more access. While I kept his head closer, tangling his hair in my hand pushing him to suck more.
  • We had more steamy sex that morning, on the bed, and another one in the shower.
  • "Why am I so horny around him? Maybe it's because I withheld sex for so long, now my body craves it? Yes, that's probably why." I was conversing with myself when I heard Anthony laugh behind me.
  • "You and your mind never stop to amaze me, Lilian. Come give me a kiss, I know your body wants it and you have to comply." He waved his hand to me, then looked at the coffee that he had already made on the kitchen counter.
  • I came to him, getting my cup and trailing my hand to his neck and kiss him until we were both breathless. Then my phone rings.
  • "Yes, I'm good Diane. No, I don't fucking care about Jack, and Mariana can get a new group mate. We're not doing the project with her. No Diane I'm sure!" I kept on talking to Diane, taking my conversation away from Anthony.
  • "Yes sure, great! lunch at our usual place, I'll meet you in an hour. See you, bye."
  • I was changing to my black ripped jeans and loose spaghetti strap top and sneakers. I filled my backpack with my school projects and was about to leave when Anthony called out to me.
  • "Lilian, what are you wearing?" He was also going out the door, looking handsome in his dark jeans paired with body fitting shirt, and a matching fitted jacket top with his expensive sneakers.
  • "I like what you're wearing, sexy!" I grinned pointing at his looks.
  • "Don't change the topic Lilian, and thank you for your compliment. But you need to change your top, I can see your tits, and those are for my eyes only Lilian." His eyes darken seeing my attire.
  • "I don't have time to change Anthony. But I like your possessive tone. So manly, and it makes me feel giddy inside." I dropped my backpack and took his hands to my so-called tits.
  • "This is yours, Anthony," I whispered and wrapped my hands to his neck, and give him a deep moan worthy kiss.
  • He sighed and gave his jacket to me, putting it on for me.
  • "This is to cover my tits and you can inhale my jacket, to make you giddier about what I'll do to you tonight." He whispered back to me making me blushed.
  • I looked at myself in the mirror. It was making me looked sexy, like wearing boyfriend clothes kind of style. It was doable, I was good.
  • I told him that I was going to see Diane at a cafe near campus, and he was going to have a lunch meeting with his clients and he would text me later. He told me to go with Bert, no argument.
  • Damn...
  • I was never in a relationship with someone who was a control freak, but he was making it sexy. I couldn't lose the smile on my face. Even Bert was suspicious.
  • "Diane! Bitch, what did you do last night?" I was about to trash her when she said...
  • "You had sex, didn't you? did! Shit, this is really happening! Tell me Whooooo..." I didn't know how, but she knew.
  • "Is that his jacket? It is, isn't it?" She asked and answered her own question again. I rolled my eyes at her.
  • "Diane, is this going to be a monologue? Should I just leave you alone, to answer all of your own questions?" She finally shut up and I smile at her.
  • "First, what you did last night was bad. I was heavily drunk, thank god Anthony found me, second YES I had sex and this is his jacket. So now, What are you thinking about our next project?" I casually asked her, intentionally leaving out my sex partner's name.
  • Her eyes were as big as saucers. "OMG! it was Anthony, right? You finally did it with him? Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you! And I accept your thank you, for getting you drunk last night and landed you in his arms." She hugged me, like a proud momma bear.
  • I laughed at her words, I've known Diane since I started college. She has been with me, through all of my ups and downs she knew about my adoptive parents, and about Anthony. She had suspected me of having a crush on Anthony for the longest time, but I wouldn't acknowledge her suspicion.
  • "So now that I know your source of happiness, we can continue our project. Let's eat first, then we should come to the studio and brainstorm there. I was thinking of joining my photography with your art drawing making it into one big picture." We talked about it some more while having our lunch.
  • Then my phone beeped...a text from Anthony
  • I'm still having lunch with clients, we're moving our discussion to the office. Something important has come up. I'll probably get home around dinner time. Are you still having lunch? yours-Anthony
  • So Anthony...I reply to his text right away.
  • Hello to you too Anthony. I'm still at lunch with Diane. Will go to campus after this, we're making a group project later. Hopefully, we can make a decision and start making it. The deadline is closing in. I will probably be home at the same time as you. I like that your mine-Lilian
  • He didn't reply so I was back to finishing my lunch with Diane.