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Chapter 24 Dating Him

  • We drive home in silence, Anthony kept his hand on my knee making sure that I was okay. He would entwine our hand, reminding me that he was there with me. My eyes were closed feeling him near me, taking in all his love for me.
  • "Lilian, we're home love." He kissed my temple. I woke up groggily, he helps me with my seat belt and leads me back to the house.
  • "Why don't you go on up to my room, I'll get us something to drink." He let me go and went to the kitchen.
  • I walked to my room, slipped off my heels, and changed into my t-shirt. Then I prepped my easel and start to paint, Anthony smile when he saw me but let me be. He knew that I have to get it off my system.
  • He came to my room a few moments later, stripped to his boxers, and then kissed my cheek. "I'm just going to set the wine here okay? You should drink it, it'll help you relax." He told me while putting the wine on my side table.
  • "I'll leave you for now. Come to my bed when your done, okay? Or do you want me to wait for you here?" He asked caressing my hair.
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