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Chapter 23 Dancing The Night Away

  • Lilian, you really need to wake up now it's ten already love. I thought you're going to your group meeting. I can take you if you want? I already called Charles, and finish my work for today. So, I'm all yours until the function this evening." I could feel his hand under the sheet, he was trailing it lower to my abdomen, while he nibbled in my ear.
  • "Anthony, I still want to sleep. Your kinky thing last night, really made me tired." I kissed his cheek and snuggled in his arm.
  • "Okay Lilian, just relax and I'll do the work." I opened my eyes shocked at his words, I couldn't even imagine his sex drive. Seemed like he couldn't get enough of me. Last night was amazing, but he really drained my energy, or so I thought.
  • "Anthony, I'm drained. I don't think I can..." but it only took seconds for him to make me moan his name.
  • "Yes, you were saying?..." he smugly asked then get under the sheets and starts fondling my breasts, kissing it, licking it.
  • "Fuck! Anthony." I arched my back giving him more, wanting him more.
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