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Chapter 27 The Aftermath

  • I woke up alone, only to find Anthony was taking a shower. He was facing the wall with both of his hands stretched out, while he washing and rinsing his hair. I could see his delicious back muscles move, then he lower down one hand to his shaft and keeping the other on the wall.
  • Well then...maybe I'll just watch.
  • I leaned my body to the bathroom door. As I heard him panting, and groaning, pumping his dick.
  • "You know, I can help you with that? You still have your chances." I smiled walking to him discarding my top and showing him my tits but keeping my leggings on. My period was starting to get annoying.
  • He turned to face me and smile sexily. His hand was still stroking his dick. "Morning sweets, it's not easy waking up next to you. Come here, let me kiss you."
  • I entered the shower leaning in for his kiss, but he lowered his lips and sucked my nipple, and pulled me in gently to him.
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