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Chapter 26 Back to Campus

  • "Lilian! How are you? Sorry I bailed on you yesterday, Brad was having his issues and I don't want to talk about it." Diane greeted me as we walk to our class.
  • "I'm good D! Anthony and I went on a date yesterday. Then we ended up watching porn last night." I was whispering to her.
  • "Damn bitch! I never knew you had it in you! This is a real step up, from the holly virgin Lilian that I knew." She laughed at me, and we continued to our class.
  • "So what are your plans after college D? It's going to be another couple of months from now." I asked her, feeling not sure about my future at the moment.
  • "I don't know L, that's the thing. I'll probably take some freelancing job at a magazine, or an ad agency. I honestly don't know. My dream is to be a photographer, and have my own studio, you know that already. How about you, besides maybe marrying that older hunk of yours?" She asked me giggling.
  • "Damn it D, don't put images in my head. It's dirty enough with the porn that he made me watched last night." I blushed at her.
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