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Chapter 30 Yes I Will

  • "Yes, Anthony. Yes, I will marry you. You are my first, and you will be my last." I snuggled in closer to his chest. I could hear him finally sighed.
  • "Thank you, love, you just made me the happiest man. Now, as a proper proposal. I need you to wait here."
  • He got out of the tub and walked back into the bathroom minutes later with a little blue box.
  • Damn! This is really happening. He's really serious.
  • "I've been carrying this for a while now, waiting for the right moment. Lilian, Since you came into my life I've always wanted to protect you. I have loved you all my life. Though you may never realized it, your innocence drew me in. Your courage, even your ability. Your talent, and every flaw which makes you who you are today, I adore. I never love anyone, as I love you. I knew that the first time you give your virginity to me. From that night, I knew I wanted to marry you. Lilian, thank you for accepting my proposal."
  • His words melted my tears, my happy tears as he slipped on the most beautiful ring I've always love. It was Janet's diamond engagement ring. I looked at him, and he nodded knowingly.
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