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Chapter 15 Spice Up My Mood

  • "I'm good D, you don't have to tiptoe your word to me. It's too weird even for you." I laughed at her, but she was still struggling to talk to me.
  • "So sorry L, but last week was traumatizing for me! I didn't even recognize you! Come give me a hug. I still need to feel you back in my arms." Anthony was smiling at us shaking his head, and walking towards us looking handsome in his business attire.
  • "Diane, thank you again for staying and have your dinner here. I already told Martha to cook something for you girls but feel free if you want to order in. I just don't want to leave Lilian alone. I will be at the office this whole afternoon then go for a quick dinner meeting and be right back. Here's my card, my mobile is there. Just call me if there's an emergency." He gave her the card and put his hand on her shoulder, and thanked her for being here for me.
  • "Come here, Lilian." He ordered me to come to his arms, as he embraced me and kissed my temple. "Please have a good time with Diane, you need this. Hang by the pool, watch a movie, just make sure you have fun. But take Bert if you're bored and want to go out just text me where you will be going okay? I need to know that you will be safe." He hugged me and kissed me deeply and whisper "I love you, Lilian, always."
  • We waited until his car leaves the driveway.
  • Diane was the first to shout. "It's girls time bitches! What to do...what to do..." I was laughing with her doing our crazy dance. We decided to lounge by the pool, and stuffed our faces with some cheesecake goodness and a couple bottles of beers. Then I told her what went down last week. What happened after I left her apartment.
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