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Chapter 9 Taking The Bracelet Away

  • Two days later, the younger one was still overjoyed because of the bracelet his mother had brought for him. He cherished it like a treasure, keeping it in his hands most of the time. Ederic was deeply attached to his bracelet, feeling the love and warmth from his mother through it. He walked around with a constant smile, oblivious to the outer world and its worries. It was his cute tiny world where he and his mom were only there.
  • One day, while at school, Dallin excitedly pointed out to Lyan that they often saw the same boy around. “Hyung look at that boy. we are meeting him often right” Dallin leaped a little seeing the tiger cub there.
  • “Fuck you, Dallin. it's been one month since we regularly attended the class. why are you being dramatic” He was kind of annoyed by the younger's words. yeah, the younger was already attached to Ederic just by watching him far away. Lyan was irritated by the mention of the younger one, as he didn't like the rich kids, but Dallin couldn't help getting excited whenever he saw Ederic. That was so unusual of him thought.
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