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Chapter 3 Princes Of Alit

  • Mr. Alit made the decision to enroll Ederic in Aaron's prestigious school, relying on the fact that Aaron, being the elder brother, would be able to take care of Ederic until he graduated. It was a new experience for the younger sibling, so Aaron's support was crucial. Aaron, who would be graduating in a few months, had to help Ederic adapt to the new school.
  • Mr. Alit couldn't bear to let his son study in an ordinary school since Ederic was the second young master of the influential Alit empire. The thought of him suffering in a regular school was unbearable, but little did Mr. Alit know that enrolling Ederic in the same school as Aaron would bring even greater challenges.
  • "Tomorrow, Aaron, bring Ed with you to school. All the necessary arrangements have been made. Once you're there, he only needs to attend his classes. Everything has been taken care of," Mr. Alit stated, savoring a glass of red wine.
  • Silently, everyone continued their meal. Upon hearing his father's instructions, Aaron clenched his teeth. He didn't want to be burdened with his so-called little brother. Ederic, on the other hand, ate quietly, appearing pale. It was evident that he had been crying in the garden until his mother's voice called him home, wiping away the remnants of his tears. However, his mother assumed it was due to his discomfort with the new environment.
  • "But... he had already adjusted to his classmates in his previous school," Ederic's mother tried to convince Mr. Alit, not wanting to impose on anyone, not even the father of her child.
  • "He is the second prince of the Alit Empire. How can I allow my son to study in such a school?" Mr. Alit referred to Ederic as a prince, which angered Aaron. Slamming his chopsticks on the table, he abruptly stood up, leaving everyone bewildered. This was uncharacteristic of the usually obedient boy.
  • "I'm full," Aaron uttered. Ederic and his mother understood the underlying message, but Mr. Alit and Mrs. Alit remained puzzled.
  • Aaron grabbed his mobile from the table, inserted his earbuds, and walked away from the dining hall.
  • "Pay him no mind. Perhaps he's not in the mood," Mr. Alit tried to reassure them. Ederic's mother smiled gently, attempting to accept the reality that Aaron didn't hold them in high regard.
  • "Ed, Hyung doesn't like you," the younger one struggled not to cry in front of his parents. Ever since he had seen Aaron, he had grown to like and admire him even more. Aaron, the prince with a captivating smile...
  • After dinner, everyone retired to their rooms. Ederic had his own room, complete with a king-sized bed decorated by renowned designers, according to Mr. Alit's preferences. It was perfect in every way for Ederic, who had never seen such a room before. It was spacious enough for the little one.
  • A study table, bookshelf, and books arranged by genre—storybooks, study materials, and books related to academics—captivated Ederic's attention. He was fascinated just by looking at them. He could peacefully spend his time reading storybooks rather than study materials.
  • Though Ederic wasn't particularly fond of studying, he did so to alleviate his mother's worries. He devoted most of his time to academics and achieved excellent grades. Ederic was a good, intelligent, albeit introverted, student.
  • Our little tiger cub collapsed onto the bed, exhausted from a day of crying.
  • "So comfortable," he mumbled, rubbing his face against the soft pillow, a faint smile gracing his lips. It had been a hectic day for Ederic, with nothing going as expected. Despite being surrounded by others, he still felt a sense of loneliness, as he always had.
  • Closing his eyes, he envisioned the magnificent galaxy in the vast expanse of space. How beautiful it was—a tranquil Milky Way adorned with countless twinkling stars. Under the shimmering stars, no one could feel empty.
  • Yet, Aaron's dimpled smile seemed even more resplendent and captivating than the Milky Way. When did such thoughts suddenly take root within the young one? Aaron had effortlessly captivated him with his smile in just one day. Ederic fell under the spell of Aaron. Soon, he drifted off to sleep on the cozy bed.
  • Ederic Alit awoke early in the morning, eager to prepare for his new school. His school uniform and notebooks had already been prepared, a luxury afforded by their wealth.
  • "Ed, baby, come and have breakfast," Ederic's mother called out to her son.
  • He emerged from his room, clutching his bag. Aaron was already having breakfast, and Ederic's mother was serving him. Ederic's heart swelled with joy at the sight. Had Aaron accepted them? Did he allow his mother to serve him? Excitement surged through Ederic.
  • As his mother had instructed, Ederic hurried toward the dining table, only to have Aaron abruptly leave. Ederic's face turned pale in an instant. However, his mother comforted him with a warm smile and gentle pats. After breakfast, Ederic ventured outside, where the driver awaited the two princes of Alit.
  • Aaron Alit strolled out of the house with an air of grace, resembling a man from Greek mythology, renowned for its divine gods. Ederic was already enamored by Aaron's graceful presence. How could a person be so captivating and flawless in every aspect?
  • Unbeknownst to him, Ederic followed Aaron like a devoted puppy. The elder brother turned and caught a glimpse of the younger one trailing behind. His lips curved into a radiant smile, and Aaron cleared his throat. Why did he suddenly find the little tiger cub so intriguing?
  • No, it must be an illusion. Aaron despised Ederic even more. These thoughts were merely his own. He wanted to tease him, to witness those plump lips begging for his attention. Yes, that must be the truth. Aaron sat in the front seat while Ederic occupied the back. The younger one's gaze remained fixed on Aaron.
  • Aaron had no intention of introducing Ederic to others as his brother. He felt a sense of insecurity. They arrived at the school, a prestigious institution Ederic had only seen on television during various programs.
  • Aaron didn't wait for his younger brother. Ederic felt lost in the vast school environment.
  • "I miss Aaron hyung. Why did he suddenly leave me alone?" Ederic pouted, looking adorable. People passing by glanced at him curiously. Who was this cute child lost in the crowd?
  • Finally, Ederic found his way to his classroom after asking several people for directions. He sighed with relief.
  • "I've finally made it to my class," Ederic whispered, heaving another sigh. Everyone stared at him curiously. The little tiger cub didn't know what to do. He lowered his gaze, avoiding their stares. The class began after he introduced himself with a simple "I'm Ederic Alit," but everyone recognized the surname "Alit." He must be the second son of Mr. Alit, the powerful figure who dominated the business world.
  • Rumors circulated that Mr. Alit had a secret wife and child, and it seemed that the truth was gradually surfacing. Some girls began gossiping about seeing him exit Mr. Alit's car. The speculation became reality, evident to all.
  • Innocent Ederic couldn't comprehend the buzz surrounding him, but he remained focused on the subjects being taught, listening silently.