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Young Lover Is My Boss

Young Lover Is My Boss

Update: 2021-07-16

<p>Chapter 1</p>

  • Midsummer, T City.
  • “Have you heard? He Nian is pregnant!” The news spread like wildfire amidst the tattling of several women.
  • “She’s pregnant? When did it happen? I didn’t even know she was married!”
  • “Who knows? It’s not like you don’t know how messy her private life is. Remember when we saw her at Seduction Lore last month?” A lady wearing exquisite makeup mocked as her field of vision converged on He Nian, who had just come out of the chief’s office holding a highly sought-after project, “God knows what she could be doing behind the scenes for her work to progress so smoothly.”
  • He Nian had just reached her desk when a colleague bumped into her by accident, “Oh my, are you alright? Nian, did I knock into you?”
  • He Nian furrowed her eyebrows. It was Zhang Wan.
  • “Oh no, I didn’t notice you standing there. Oh, I heard that you’re pregnant?” Zhang Wan taunted, “When did you get married? Why didn’t you tell us about it? If it wasn’t for the medical report on your desk, we wouldn’t have known. I didn’t hurt you just now, did I? It would be bad if you suddenly say that I injured your child. Do you need me to send you to the hospital?”
  • Among the documents that were scattered across the floor, there was a medical report that He Nian distinctly remembered keeping in her drawer.
  • Written clearly on the report was her information.
  • Name: He Nian.
  • Diagnostic result: Two months pregnant.
  • These words alone were enough to throw the entire office into a frenzy.
  • He Nian pursed her lips and bent over to collect her papers. The only thing she could think of was how she met that man at Seduction Lore when she was picking her sister up two months ago.
  • Damn it!
  • How did I get pregnant? A virgin, got me pregnant? I’ll be a laughing stock if this goes out!
  • It was out first time, how did I get so ‘lucky’?
  • “Nian, who’s your husband? When are you going to introduce him to us?” Zhang Wan continued jeering, “We’ve been colleagues for so long, I’ve never once heard you mention your boyfriend before. Now you surprise us with news that you’re pregnant. We haven’t even met your husband yet. What does he do? How old is he? Does he have a house in T City? A car? What’s his family background? No offense but, I wouldn’t look for someone who has a similar background as yours. Women should treat themselves better. If only you weren’t pregnant, even getting married into an ordinary family would help your current situation. How could you get pregnant before getting married?”
  • Snickering echoed throughout the office.
  • He Nian felt dizzy for a split second when she stood up. After steadying herself, the delicate woman set her project documents and medical report down on her desk. With her eyebrows raised and a smirk across her face, she tittered and said, “I didn’t know Ms. Wan cared so deeply about me, so much so that she’s willing to throw her morals out the window and rummage through other people’s drawers.”
  • Upon hearing that, Zhang Wan leveled a glare on He Nian.
  • He Nian tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, then directed a crude satire at Zhang Wan, “I also just found out about Ms. Wan’s criteria when it comes to selecting a spouse, it’s no wonder....”
  • “No wonder what?” Zhang Wan asked subconsciously.
  • “It’s no wonder you’re thirty-five and still single.”
  • Like a thousand stabbing knives through her heart, He Nian’s words hit her where it hurt. Zhang Wan glared at He Nian, her hands itching to strangle her. Yet He Nian paid her no heed as she took her seat and sighed, “Do you think I wish to live this way? Take the baby’s father as an example - he’s not someone of high stature by any means, but it just so happens that he has all the qualities you desire. He has property in T City, and he owns a car. He even pops into Hotel Royale from time to time.”
  • He Nian turned to look at Zhang Wan and gave her a saccharine smile. Her dainty face exuded confidence, leaving no room for doubt. The words Hotel Royale further backed what she had just claimed.
  • Hotel Royale wasn’t just a place where anyone with a loaded wallet could enter. Just who did He Nian meet?
  • Before Pei Shaoyu was able to step into the Pei family’s territory, he heard a woman causing a ruckus inside the building.
  • Hotel Royale?
  • I own Hotel Royale. Who would ever fancy such a superficial woman?
  • Pei Lihua didn’t understand what was happening when he came out of his office. He was looking for his son, who told him he had arrived a couple of minutes ago.
  • When He Nian saw Pei Lihua exit his office, she waved and flashed a brilliant smile, “Chief, I’m pregnant. I’ll invite you to my wedding at Hotel Royale soon.”
  • Her voice was sweet as nectar, and a face equally as alluring.
  • Compared to the charming He Nian, Zhang Wan stood there, green with envy.
  • “He Nian, your man better be who you say he is, or you’re going to be the one getting humiliated!”
  • “Ms. Wan, what is that supposed to mean? Are you saying I’m lying? Or are you implying that I, He Nian, don’t deserve such a man?”
  • Her back was facing the entrance, so she didn’t notice when Pei Shaoyu entered.
  • “Whoever I marry, whoever’s child I bear, is none of your business. You might not know it, Ms. Wan, but back where I’m from, we have a custom of not announcing our pregnancy to the public during the first three months of pregnancy. It’s just plain bad luck. But since you’ve revealed my pregnancy to everyone, how are you going to make up for it if anything bad were to happen to me during my first trimester?”
  • “He Nian! Don’t you dare blame everything on me! You’re the one who has a promiscuous lifestyle. It’s not my fault you got pregnant before getting married! We all know that you went to a hotel with a drunken man when you went to Seduction Lore last month,” Zhang Wan was offended by what He Nian said.
  • A thunderous boom reverberated throughout the office, followed by a deafening silence.
  • Pei Lihua’s expression was grim. Hearing what Zhang Wan had claimed, Pei Shaoyu turned around and cast a curious glance.
  • Last month?
  • Seduction Lore?
  • I was there too...
  • “Enough! Don’t you all have work to do?” Although Pei Lihua was rebuking everyone who was involved, it was obvious he was biased towards He Nian. He believed He Nian had her own morals.
  • Zhang Wan kept her mouth shut. As much as she loved ridiculing He Nian, she didn’t dare to do the same to her supervisor. Hence, she returned to her desk resentfully.
  • He Nian sneered and waited for Pei Lihua, who was behind her, to return to his office. She then stood up when she heard his door close and headed to settle the score with Zhang Wan. The moment she turned around, her gaze locked onto Pei Shaoyu, who was standing in front of Pei Lihua’s door. Soon after, his gaze found hers, and the whole world stood still.
  • It’s him!
  • The brat who got me pregnant.