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Chapter 8 A Second Chance

  • (Forest)
  • When I opened my eyes I came face to face with Raina. I was about to freak out but then I remembered the witch had actually tapped into my mind before when I was conscious and now I was able to communicate with her.
  • 'So where should we start?' She asked as she was looking around.
  • 'not much here, just a big empty blah. I thought that knowing what's going on In someone else's mind would be interesting, but I thought wrong.' She laughed as if she had just told one of the best jokes there is. I only growled at her in return which caused her to stop laughing.
  • 'ok ok let's get to the point. What is your name?' She asked making me relax a bit.
  • 'My name is Forest and my human's name is Elias.' She nodded her head and offered me a sad smile.
  • 'it's ok if you don't want to talk about your past. I'm only doing this for Lilly's sake since she asked me if you wanted to join her pack.' I didn't know if I should. What if I accept the offer and later regret it? I didn't even get a chance to think about it.
  • 'I know it will be hard for you to choose but you can't continue to live in that forest forever from what I can see. It wouldn't be good for you or your human. I could always use a spell to bring him back if that's what you want, but I want you to take your time and answer instead of rushing into this. Just know that you'll not regret it if you decide to be a part of the pack.' She's right of course but I wasn't going to tell her that.
  • 'Now tell me, how come I'm able to see you? I thought you would just speak to me while I'm unconscious.' I asked curiously.
  • 'A witch never reveals her secret. If we did, everyone would fight to be able to control us and that would be the last thing someone should try.' I scoffed, which made her laugh.
  • 'Ok say I accept your offer, how will you bring Elias back? I had to shift when he went into a coma or his body would just deteriorate and he would eventually die. I couldn't allow that, at least not right now. Yes, he hopes to die and mine at one point too. But I feel like there's something else keeping us here so I'm not ready to leave just yet until I find out.' She nodded her head as she started to look around.
  • 'I can try, won't make any promises though because I've never done that. I've done a lot of things, but never this. We can try to get him back first before you make such an important decision, do you think it would be better that way?' I told her yes and she snapped her fingers. I opened my eyes and found everyone staring at me, with curiosity. They wanted to know what happened so Raina was briefing Lilliana on what took place.
  • " So you think you could get his human form back?" Raina nodded her head at Lilliana's question with confidence.
  • " I may be twenty years old, too young to be at level one like other experienced witches, but I'll try. I feel like we are going to be very good friends, isn't that right forest?" She asked with a chuckle. If I could I would have rolled my eyes at her.
  • " ok, when do you think you'll be able to start? The sooner we do this, the quicker I can welcome him into this pack. Plus I wouldn't mind adopting him, giving him a place to call home." I looked at Lilliana who had a smile on her face. I could tell she was worried too, which seemed genuine to me. Maybe she did care, maybe I could finally have a place to call home just like she said.
  • " I can start right away if you wouldn't mind. I feel this freaking bond with him already and even I can't explain it." Raina shook her head while looking at me. Did I feel a bond with her? Yes, I did. Was it like a mate's bond? No, it wasn't. It was really hard to explain but I trust her, I trust them. Maybe it was too soon but if I don't then I would only end up back in the forest where I was banished and I don't think I have the strength to carry on. I knew I was getting weak, but my willpower was strong.
  • " ok, I'll leave you two alone then and please Raina do everything you can in your power to get him back. But if it doesn't work, I'll still adopt him because he already won my heart the moment I saw him." She left shortly after, leaving me shocked by what she had just revealed.
  • " ok little wolf it's just you and me now. I'm going to use a spell to put you to sleep, it's the only way this will work." I could sense that Raina was nervous. Like she said before, she was a young witch in practice. She didn't want to mess this up and I too really wanted it to work. Maybe if I didn't shift, I would have Elias here with me but I wasn't changing it. Survival instinct kicked in and I took over when he went into a coma. It was just too hard on him and I wanted to be the one to carry his burden. I was a little too late. I should have shifted when we were taken by our mate, I shouldn't have left him so vulnerable.
  • It was all my fault.
  • I would give anything to have Elias here with me and if it means selling my soul to the devil, I will if it means saving Elias. At least I had someone on my side, I have never heard of a werewolf being friends with a witch before. It has its benefits, yes, but it could get out of hand. I just hope that I'm making the right decision for the sake of Elias and myself.