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Chapter 2 Just My Luck

  • (two years later)
  • (March 5, 2022)
  • (Forest)
  • Ever since that day when I took over, my human was still resting. I didn't want him to see the struggles I faced day in and day out while living in the forest so I blocked him from contacting me. It was better this way. Knowing him, he would want to take over and I was too overprotective of him to let that happen. I can't allow him to take all of the burdens by himself in human form, that's why it was better in my form. I couldn't hunt, didn't know a damn thing about it. My parents never let me go hunting because they said if I was to be the next alpha, I didn't have to do those menial tasks.
  • I couldn't even catch a damn rabbit no matter how hard I tried. Dammit, who knew coming into this world would already be so challenging? I sighed as I made my way back to the cave that I took up residency in ever since that faithful day. It seems as if it was about to rain because of the grey clouds that were rolling in. I stayed as close as I could to my pack because I had hoped that my parents would forgive me for whatever wrongs I did and accept me back. I was too attached to them, I didn't even know the time or date but I could tell we have been here for a long time. I had some fruits in the cave, that would be enough to give me the energy I needed to resume hunting when the rain stops. At least there wasn't any lightning and thunder, that's the part I hated the most.
  • When I made it back to my hideout, I ran towards my stack of fruits since I was super hungry and tired too. I whimpered when I saw an animal there eating my meal. I growled at it, not knowing if it was a threat or not but it stopped and started chasing me so I ran. I ran out in the pouring rain to try and escape this ferocious beast. I know I wanted to die but this wasn't the way I wish to be gone from this place. I managed to escape the chase after a long time but stopped when I realized where I was. I had somehow managed to run onto the dark sea pack, a pack my parents once told me to stay clear of.
  • I whined in defeat and dropped to the ground while my ears flopped over to cover my eyes. Angry wolves were already approaching me, getting ready to kill me any second now. I uncovered my eyes and saw one of them getting close to me, right as he was about to deliver the final blow I shifted. I don't even know how that's possible since Elias was still blocked but somehow I managed to shift and now he laid there naked in his human form, smiling at the wolf who was about to kill him.
  • " thank you." Elias mouthed and I felt a searing pain in my chest knowing that he was thanking the wolf for taking us out of this miserable world.
  • " wait!" Someone shouted which distracted Elias enough for him to shift back, giving me full control once more. I was whimpering, my whines could be heard a mile away because of how broken they sounded to the ears. I didn't want anyone to pity me or my human, I only wanted my parents. Is that too much to ask for Selene? I wanted my parents here with me so they can tell me that they love me. I couldn't deal with this anymore, I couldn't give up. I have to go back. I didn't know if they were alive or not, I only wanted to see for myself, to be sure so I can leave this world peacefully.
  • I found all the strength I needed and ran, I ran as fast as I could go. I only remembered where my pack land was because I studied it. I memorized it from scratch because I was hoping that this day would come when I returned to my loving parents. I blocked Elias once more because if we got rejected again, I was strong enough to handle it and he wasn't. He was thanking them for killing him, he wanted it. He wanted to die because he knew we couldn't survive out here for too long. I didn't want to risk going to another pack and asking for help because I was scared. Scared of how they were going to treat Elias and I. If it was not for that animal, I wouldn't have wandered on to the dark sea pack where I was almost slaughtered. With a newfound purpose, I hurried home. making sure I followed the same path even though it was challenging because of the rain.
  • A couple of hours later I arrived and crossed the border which would lead me to my home. I was trembling because my fur was wet, what I would give for a warm blanket right now. I purred at the thought, knowing that I was about to see my parents again and they were going to hold me and tell me how sorry they were for sending me away. If that were to happen I would forgive them, maybe they sent me away as a form of training! Yes, that's it. I've learned enough so now I was returning to show them that I have done a good job. I wanted their praise, I wanted them to tell me that they love me like they used to. I guess what I wanted or what I needed wasn't about to happen as I was surrounded by the warriors with my parents standing there with a pup in my mother's hand.
  • That pup looks a little like me so maybe he's my sibling. I was about to shift and do the happy dance because I've always wanted a sibling but what happened next had me wishing I had never been so dumb for even thinking that my parents would welcome me with open arms. But no matter how they treat me, I still love them with all of my heart.