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Chapter 6 A Different Path

  • (Miles)
  • I couldn't believe my alpha, What he wanted me to do. Gosh, I've never felt so angry as I'm feeling right now. He told me to take the wolf and dump him somewhere far away from here. That he shouldn't be anywhere near his pack land or else he's going to kill him. I shook my head as I continued my trek through the forest, with a bag I packed earlier to leave with the boy. I know that it's not much, but it's my way of saying sorry. I didn't even want to kill him when Damian stopped me, I now realized how stupid I was to actually follow alpha Ryker's orders to kill every rogue I came across.
  • Not all of them are bad, some of them just need a lot of love and training. They somehow lost their way after being kicked out of their pack, but with a great leader, I believe they would be better. When I got to where I saw fit to leave him, I looked at him one last time before placing him on the cold wet ground under a huge tree that would shelter him enough so he wouldn't get too wet from the rain.
  • The rain hasn't stopped falling so I decided to pack a few jackets that were big enough to keep him warm when he shifts back into his human form. I also packed other clothes and food along with water so he would have something. I really hope that this will be enough for him. It's a good thing he was in his wolf form so he can stay warm throughout this weather.
  • I patted his head and made my way back to the idiot who gave me this order, who only left me feeling guilty. No one deserved to be treated like this, I now saw what Damian was talking about. I made it back in no time, so I sent alpha Ryker a mind link telling him that I have completed his mission. I didn't want to see him now, not after the way he was making me feel about this entire thing. He wasn't that bad, but a lot of us feared him.
  • Feared him so much that we did his dirty work for him without complaining. I still can't believe though, that he would stoop so low at this point. But that's him, that's who he was before and he's not going to change for anyone. I'm just praying for a miracle because we are badly in need of one right now.
  • ( forest pov)
  • When I woke up it was pitch black. I had no idea where I was or if this was some sort of a dream. It's a good thing I had enough strength to shift into my wolf form when Elias closed his eyes or I wouldn't be alive right now. The ground beneath me was wet, which indicates that it was raining before but only just stopped. I thank the goddess that I was still in my wolf form so Elias didn't have to witness any of this. I know I protected him a lot because he's my other half. If I'm not there to protect him then who's going to? No one seems to care about us as far as I can see.
  • Even our mate didn't want us so what's the purpose of trusting anyone else at this point? I tried to stand up, shakily of course. It was hard but I got it eventually. Looking around I noticed that I wasn't in my mate's pack anymore. I don't even know where I was but I guess I can scope it out a little until I figure it out. I was about to walk off when I noticed something on the ground and started to sniff it. I use my mouth to open it as best as I can, to see what it was. I whined a little when I realized what was in the bag.
  • Clothes, water, and snacks that could last a while since I'll have to try and hunt too. Who left this for us? I wish I could thank them but I can't because there was no one else here. I decided to pick it up so I can carry it with me while searching for somewhere safe for now. I know that I can find a cave somewhere so that's where I'll start looking before the rain starts once more. Yes It was dark, but I had to try something, anything to make sure Elias was alright. He was my number one priority, I didn't care about myself at this point. Once I know that he's alright then and only then I'll start thinking about myself.
  • I started my journey through the forest, falling a couple of times and spraining one of my ankles which was already healing rather slowly because of how weak I am. But during all that struggle I didn't let go of the bag because I know that Elias will eventually return and he will need what was in the bag. I spent a very long time before I found a cave, one that would be alright for now. After getting settled, I crawled into a corner as whimpers of sorrow left my mouth because I was tired, hurt and quite frankly right now I felt like the world hated us even though we didn't do anything to deserve this. I couldn't blame the moon goddess either, because of my weakness. I wish I could at least talk to Elias before blocking him, but that wasn't going to happen because he's gone.
  • I don't know when he's going to come back or how long I'll be in my form, but I'm praying to the goddess that he is alright because I couldn't feel him anymore. He may be scared right now and I wouldn't know, I have no idea what to do anymore. But one thing I know, during all of this struggle I wasn't going to give up.
  • I was going to continue to fight for Elias and I because one day we will be happy. One day we will be loved and I couldn't wait for that day to come. I still love my family, and I still love my mate but they didn't love me. Would I forgive them even if they begged me? No, I was stronger than that. Gone were the days when I would run to them looking for some sort of affection, gone were the days when I was too weak and stupid to see that they didn't love me. This day marks a new beginning for me. I'm going to show them that I am strong and that I can survive in this world alone. in this forest alone without them, I will show them that I changed, sooner or later they will be the ones to run back to me and feel what it's like when I turn my back on them.