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Chapter 4 Am I Dying?

  • (Elias)
  • I'm dying. That's the only thing I could think of as I lay on the dirty ground in the dungeon they brought me to. I've always wanted a quick death, not this. I guess this was a punishment for me because I've failed my parents. I was weak, pathetic. I don't even know what title I had that made my parents hate me so much. I'm sure I wasn't an omega because I would have felt it after weeks of being in here.
  • ' what's one thing you would want right now?' Forest asked immediately as I was closing my eyes. He told me to stay awake, but I couldn't. Not when there's so much pain that made it hard for me to focus.
  • ' I missed having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.' He laughed and scoffed at my reply.
  • ' I knew you would say that, I kinda miss it too but it wasn't my thing.' I chuckled in my mind, slightly dazed by the fact that I could still hear myself talk even though my father had cut my tongue out leaving me mute.
  • ' remember it was the only thing I would enjoy eating, you on the other hand loved bread and cheese sandwich.' He agreed with me while sighing.
  • ' I wish things would be different you know, I wish I knew what we were and why our parents did this to us.' I agreed with him, but for now, we would not find out.
  • ' I'm dying forest, our mate rejected us. No one wanted us not even our parents. I wish things were different but it's not.' He sighed as a whimper left him. I knew he was taking this hard, no matter how he tries to be strong for the both of us. I will forever have respect for him because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have survived before.
  • ' let me take over.' He begged for the hundredth time but I refused. He already suffered for two years with me being locked away not knowing what he was going through, I just couldn't do that to him again. The door opened suddenly and I saw one of the warriors here walking in with a look of pity in his eyes. He always has that look before he...
  • " it's been two weeks since you've been here and you're still naked?" He asked as he shook his head. I looked at him confused as to why he was acting like he cared when I already knew why he was here. I wish I could tell him what was on my mind, but I couldn't talk thanks to my father. My mother laughed when he was doing it too, she said that I deserved it and knowing that I couldn't talk I wasn't going to be able to tell anyone what they did to me. He shook his head and opened the cell then made his way towards me.
  • I looked at his hand expecting the needle he always walked with. It was there yes, like a new toy that was made just for me. Wolfsbane, that's what he would inject me with. He was doing it to please his alpha I know, that's why I wasn't mad at him. My body was filled with poison, slowly eating away my flesh so I can finally be free from this world. I want to die, no I hope to die.
  • It would be so much better than this. He left after he was done, the only one that was giving me the strength I needed was forest. We haven't eaten or drink anything for the two weeks we have been here. We haven't had a proper bath or brushed our teeth for years. I forgot what that was like. My breath smells bad, thanks to dad for doing me a favor so I wouldn't have to talk.
  • My hair felt slimy to my touch whenever I could run my hands through it. I didn't even get the luxury of using a toilet, if I wanted to do a number two it was in the corner of the cell. The smell here was bad, not only bad but it was sickening. My mate made it so I wasn't able to live because he didn't want me. I wanted to thank him though because I would be able to be free of this world once and for all.
  • ' come on Elias don't close your eyes on me now.' Forest begged but I was just too sleepy.
  • ' I'm sorry Forest, just know that I tried. I'm sorry for everything.' I finally closed my eyes, letting the darkness consume me which was what I wanted from day one. I wasn't sure if I was dead or alive, I didn't care. I was just too tired to care. Did I miss what it was like before all of this? I guess so. I sometimes thought about how my family treated me with love and adoration.
  • How they would spoil me and give me everything I wanted but I had to learn the hard way. I was only an experiment for them, like a ticket to greatness. Once I failed they finally showed their true colors. I deserved this right? I deserved it all. I didn't want any help or any pity. I didn't want any tears or any happiness. What I wanted was to finally be free, to have peace. I have it now I guess so I should be happy the moon goddess listened to me this time.
  • At least I wouldn't suffer anymore, at least Forest wouldn't suffer anymore. My life as we know it, was over when I turned sixteen. This was my destiny and I'm going to fulfill it. This world would be a better place without me, my parents and sibling would be better off without me. My pack who kicked me out and turned their backs on me would be better off without me. I'm finally free of this world and that's all I could ask for.