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Chapter 7 Is This My Fate?

  • (Forest)
  • The following day I was greeted with sunshine after walking out of the cave. I looked around as small puddles from the rain made a home for themselves on the earth's surface as the animals started to appear out of their hiding place one by one. I was glad that the rain had stopped, this way I was able to hunt without any problems. I have yet to touch the snacks and water that were in the bag because I wanted to leave them for when I got my Elias back. Shaking out my fur, I stretched a little before running towards a small herd of rabbits that were too busy eating to notice my presence.
  • I thought that it was going to be another unsuccessful round of hunting but I was wrong. I was surprised that I caught one, I didn't know I had it in me. If Elias was conscious right now, he would have told me how proud he was. I whined a little as I looked at my catch, not feeling hungry anymore. I needed to try once more, to see if I could get Elias back. I didn't want to be alone in this world, without him I have nothing.
  • ' I wish you could hear me. I know you'd be mad at me for shifting because you didn't want me to take all the burden but I had to. You are all I have and I'd be damned if I don't get you back.' I had a plan, it's going to be stupid but I have to do something. I knew of a witch that could help me get Elias back, but some say she wanted animal hearts in return but I wasn't sure what kind.
  • How will I be able to get it though when I can barely hunt? This was so frustrating but I had to try something. I spent the rest of the day hunting which surprised me a lot since I caught a few animals which would help me out. After securing the hearts I took from the animals, I grabbed the bag determined not to leave it behind. I started my journey to the one place my parents told me to stay away from.
  • The journey there was going to be long and difficult but I won't give up until I know that Elias is safe so I can continue to protect him the way I see fit. A couple of hours into running, I stumbled and fell. A loud whine left my mouth as I realized one of my feet was caught in a trap. Just my luck right? I started to thrash around trying to get the damn thing off me but it seems to be making it worse. I wasn't going to give up though, so I continued to fight it.
  • " Alpha Lilliana, there's a wolf here that's trapped!" I stopped my movements so that I could get their help, once I'm free I will be able to continue my journey after I heal myself.
  • " oh Brendan you are right, thank you for showing me. It seems as if he's been through hell and back too." The lady replied and I mentally scoffed because she didn't know half of what I'd gone through.
  • " I told you to stop talking to that witch dear, she's only filling your head with nonsense. He seems fine to me." A male voice said which sounded uninterested.
  • " Remember who you are talking to. I may be your mate but I'm also your alpha. Brendan, Bryan pick him up and his belongings and follow us back to the pack house so we can get him checked out." I shivered a little at the sound of her voice. I didn't want to go but I couldn't fight them on this right now. The minute they put me down, I'll take off and never look back. I was picked up by one of them who was whispering soothing words to me, words I wish I didn't hear.
  • I was about to freak out but once I saw the other man pick up my bag I calmed down a little. I couldn't lose it now, it was for Elias. It didn't take us long to reach their pack, some of the members who were outside growled at me warningly because they could tell I was a rogue. A lot of people didn't like rogues but I was lucky enough to be alive.
  • " Silence everyone! From what I gathered this wolf is young and in need of our care! I will not tolerate anyone harming him in any way or you'll be banished from my pack. Do I make myself clear!?" I heard a series of yes coming from everyone as they walked away. I finally had enough courage to look at the lady who was giving out orders. I'd never heard of a female alpha before, this was the first. My father thought that women shouldn't be allowed to have that title because it was a man's job.
  • Mom of course is a beta by blood but dad didn't allow her to use her title because he said it was disrespectful. He also said she was only allowed to play the role of a Luna and take care of the pack's needs because that was her only job. This alpha lady is tall, shit she's like an Amazon warrior. She reminded me of Wonder Woman too, with jet-black hair and blue eyes. She also had a crown on her head which indicates that she's more than just their alpha. The man walking next to her was equally tall, with red hair and the greenest pair of eyes I'd ever seen.
  • He's muscular too, I could see why everyone seems to be afraid of them because they seemed intimidating. Once we were inside the pack house, the alpha lady gave orders to place me on a bed so they could check me out to make sure I was ok. My ankle had already healed itself so I was alright. I don't know what else they wanted to know, I only wanted them to free me so I can continue with my journey. The lady stood in front of me, looking at me with sadness in her eyes. She sighed and shook her head.
  • " You've been through a lot, haven't you? Don't worry I'll make sure you are alright from now on. You don't have to worry, I'll get Raina to try and communicate with you so I can know whether you want to join my pack or not." With a determined look on her face, she closed her eyes and started to chant. Suddenly this woman appeared out of nowhere, scaring the crap out of me. She was coughing while fanning away a cloud of smoke that somehow came with her, glaring at the alpha lady as if she had just been disturbed by what she was doing.
  • " You know, even though we are best friends, I don't appreciate you summoning me like that." The witch lady rests her hand on her hip while shaking her head. It seems as if she was angry on the outside but I could tell she was faking it.
  • " Come on Raina, just help me out a little. I found this little wolf here in a death trap and it seems as if something is wrong with him. I want you to see if you can communicate with him and ask him if he wants to join my pack. I also want to know if he can shift or not so chop-chop." The alpha lady clapped her hands at the witch telling her to hurry up which seems to irritate the witch lady even more. I need to start calling them by their names, I doubt they would want me to continue to call them the alpha lady and the witch lady.
  • " oh what do we have here? Aren't you a ray of sunshine?" Raina said as she started to check me out.
  • " I'm a young witch, Lilly. I just started my training. What makes you think I can tap into his head just like that?" Raina asked as she started to rub my fur.
  • " I trust you, if I didn't I wouldn't have summoned you. Now please do what I ask, ok?" Raina nodded her head and turned to me with a kind smile on her face.
  • " Hi little wolf, sorry for the intrusion." She started to chant something in another language. I felt my eyes starting to close, here we go.