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Chapter 3 Rejecting Him

  • (Ryker)
  • " Sir we had a rogue crossing onto the territory not too long ago. He escaped unharmed." I glared at miles for not following through on his job. He had one job to do, one fucking job and he messed it up.
  • " I was about to kill him I swear! But Damian shouted at us to wait and that's how he got away." I slammed my fist down on the desk, scaring the crap out of my beta. He wasn't easily frightened, but with me, he knows what it's like when I'm angry since he has been on the receiving end of my temper a couple of times before.
  • " find him. No one crosses onto my territory and gets away with it. When you find him, bring him to me I'll deal with him myself." He nodded his head and left to do what I asked. I called Damian to my office so I could talk to him and find out what he was thinking about when he stopped the kill. No rogues were allowed on my land let alone be near it, that's where he messed up.
  • " what I want to know is why you stopped miles from killing that unwanted mutt, you know the rules Damian so why did you have to fuck it up?" He sighed as I continued to rant about his mistake. He didn't like it, but that's not my problem.
  • " you know I wouldn't hesitate to kill a rogue before alpha Ryker, I just sensed that there was something special about him. I can't seem to put my finger on it but, I feel like it wasn't his time." I narrowed my eyes at him, half expecting him to be joking. Was he on something which had him so high he wasn't thinking straight?
  • " don't come at me with that voodoo shit. Keep your beliefs and your feelings to yourself and next time you Fuck up, gamma or not you'll be punished. For now, you can go with miles and find that bastard who was brave enough to let his presence be known here." He nodded his head and left as quickly as he could to do my bidding. I was out for blood, no one is going to stop me this time. Damian should have just shut the hell up and let them kill that mutt but no, he had to interfere. It was about a couple of hours later that I received the good news that I wanted to hear.
  • ' alpha we have eyes on the rogue, it's not looking good.' Miles said through mind link and I told him to bring the rogue to me using all necessary force if he had to. I decided to do some work to get my mind off the mess Damian had created. If it was up to me, that rogue would be dead by now, I would have carried out the kill easily because some say that I was an evil bastard with no soul which was true. Shortly after that miles sent me a mind link telling me that they had the rogue but he wasn't in great shape. I got up and went outside so I can do what they failed to do before.
  • With one thing on my mind, I made it there in no time. I saw a wolf lying on the ground covered in blood. I was about to praise them for it but Damian shook his head and told me it wasn't them. I marched up to the rogue and started kicking him, trying to get him to wake up but he was unconscious.
  • ' don't Ryker, you know why I'm warning you so don't do it.' My wolf max said and I groaned in frustration.
  • ' it's my kill, I deserve it don't I?' I replied but he didn't answer. Fine if he doesn't want me to kill the mutt I won't.
  • " take him to the dungeon. Starve him and beat him if you want, I don't care. Make sure you use wolfsbane on him too if he doesn't want to talk. I'll be in my office." Miles and Damian lifted the wolf and walked away with it. I tried to ask max why he didn't want me to kill him but he only called me stupid and said that the only sense I have is the instinct to kill. That my brain was like Patrick in Spongebob and I wasn't even useful.
  • Fuck, my wolf was telling me off. Did I deserve it though? I don't even know what I did wrong. I eventually blocked him since he was disturbing me. I needed to concentrate on my work, trying to figure out which pack I should invade and take over. Shit, I wasn't going to kill the members, I would only ask them nicely to join me or face the consequences.
  • ' alpha we have a problem.' Miles said and I groaned in frustration because I couldn't believe these idiots couldn't do a simple job without involving me. I got up and made my way down to the dungeons, thinking of how I was going to punish them for disturbing me. When I got there my eyes became wide at the sight before me. Miles and Damian were trying to calm the boy down who was shaking like a leaf. Oh gosh that smell, his scent it couldn't be...
  • ' took you long enough.' Max said, before disappearing once more. So he's my mate, what made him so sure that I even give a fuck about it? Like I said I didn't want a mate and it turned out that he's a boy too.
  • " get out." I ordered and they nodded their heads while walking away. I opened the cell and walked in so I could get a good look at him. He had red hair and the bluest pair of eyes I've ever seen that was staring back at me with fright. It didn't matter that he was naked, it wasn't turning me on like I heard them say about mates which were probably proven to be a lie.
  • " what's your name?" I asked and he opened his mouth to reply but nothing came out.
  • "cat got your tongue?" I asked as a joke but then he broke down crying which was a disgusting sight to see. I cringed so hard from it that I wish I wasn't here to witness this.
  • " you know what, never mind. I Ryker green of the dark sea pack, rejects you as my mate and Luna of this pack." I walked away from him, leaving him there on the dirty ground writhing from the pain I knew was there which I'm sure he deserved.