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Chapter 18

  • Sophia's pov;
  • At the school, I poked Bella in her shoulder and signalled to check the phone. I sent her a message that I'm going to a friend's house party tonight and asked her to join me. After some time she replied to me that she has work to do and cannot come with me.
  • It's not the first time because she had work to do but she's been ignoring me recently which is odd. What's going with her? 
  • Noah went to her place and talked with her about the music event and Evelyn joined them too. I didn't join them and remained in my place while thinking about why she was ignoring me. She never left me even when she got occupied with jobs, but what happened now. Even on weekends, she stopped jumping into my room through the window. 
  • Bella called me, "What's with you? Why are you being silent? Is it because I rejected the offer?"
  • "It's not the first time you're rejecting me because of work, so it's fine. But I'm worried about the assignment given by Mr Brown."
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