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The CEO and a High-Schooler

The CEO and a High-Schooler

Hellan White

Update: 2022-05-05

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • "What time is the conference tomorrow?"
  • "Sir, Mr Jones has missed the flight so he's asking us to postpone the meeting from tomorrow to the day after tomorrow. How should I reply, Sir?" Mr Johnson asked me about the meeting to be held tomorrow.
  • "Cancel the meeting with Mr Jones."
  • "Sir?"
  • "And find another group for this program and organize the meeting tomorrow as soon as possible."
  • "Yes, Sir."
  • I ended the call with the assistant and checked the weather outside after hearing the bucketing down of the rain. When I looked through the window, it looked like there was a heavy downpour outside.
  • Suddenly, the car stopped which jerked me to the front and retreated to my seat again.
  • I asked the driver, "Why did you stop the car suddenly? Did you fail to check the traffic lights again?"
  • "S-Sir, someone showed up and I-I…"
  • "Did you hit that person?"
  • "I-I… I don't know Sir…"
  • "How will you know if you're still inside the car? Get your a** off and check out."
  • I let out a sigh and took my phone to check the time. It's 8.35 pm.
  • The driver patted the window and uttered something so I lowered the window down a little to hear him.
  • "Sir, it's a girl. There are no wounds on her, it looks like she passed out due to some shock."
  • "Are you a doctor?"
  • "No, Sir."
  • "Call the ambulance."
  • "Yes, Sir."
  • After he left, I lifted the window to avoid the heavy rain.
  • After some time, he tapped the window again so I lowered it while asking, "What is it?"
  • "Since it's raining heavily, The line is busy, Sir. I couldn't get anyone on the phone. What should we do now, Sir?"
  • "Get her inside the car and move to the hospital."
  • The driver lifted her and made her sit in the front, locked the door on her side, got into his driver's seat and started the car.
  • I got a call from the assistant, "What?"
  • "Mr Miller from GHY company reached me and said they're eager for this program, Sir. I also did the background check on them, it seems like they're intense and reliable in their work. Can I organize the proposal with them, Sir?"
  • "Yes, go ahead."
  • "Yes, Sir."
  • I put my phone back into my pocket and looked in the front. I forgot that there's a girl inside the car all this time. When I looked at her, her clothes looked water-soaked in the rain. Moreover, her clothes don't suit her at all. Because the outfit she's wearing looks like a club girl but her face doesn't match since she looked too young for a club girl.
  • The car halted. When I looked through the window, we were already in front of the hospital. The driver got down, opened the door on the girl's side, picked her up and left.
  • The sound of rain falling on the roof stopped. Looks like it stopped raining.
  • After a while, hearing the tapping sound which was the driver, I looked out the window and asked, "What is it?"
  • "The girl is alright, Sir. The doctor examined and treated her and said there's alcohol in her blood which is the purpose for fainting. When I said I don't know details about her when they asked me, they're asking us to take the girl along with us, Sir."
  • "Did you check her wallet?"
  • "There wasn't any, Sir. What should we do now?"
  • I let out a sigh and said, "Bring her to the car. Let's get to the house."
  • "Yes, Sir."
  • The driver made her sit in the front and started running the car.
  • After some hours, I finally arrived at the house. When the butler ran over and when he tried to open the car door for me, I signalled him to pick the girl in the front.
  • After arriving at the house, the butler asked, "Where should I bring her, Sir?"
  • "The guest room. And… get her some dry clothes." Said and went to my room upstairs.
  • I came into my room, closed the door and removed my coat hung in the hook and changed, walked to the mirror and stood in front of it and looked at myself. I removed my gloves and placed them on the table. When I tried to remove the mask on my face, I heard noises from downstairs. I ignored it and tried to remove the mask again but I heard the sound again and again.
  • I came out of the room and called out, "Butler! What's that noise down there?"
  • "Sir, it's… the girl you bought… woke up, Sir…"
  • "Is she the one who's making the noise?"
  • "Yes, Sir. It seems like she's drunk, Sir. The maids are trying to restrain her but she began tossing things around, Sir."
  • I stepped down the stairs and walked in the direction of the noise. It's coming from the kitchen. When I came into the kitchen, the butler and some maids were stopping her from throwing things here and there.
  • I walked to her and asked, "What are you doing?"
  • The girl dropped the plate in her hand on the floor and walked to me which made me take a step backwards while telling, "Don't come near me. Stay right there."
  • That's when I realised I didn't wear the gloves on my hand.
  • She laughed and mumbled, "I just wanted to take a closer look at you since you're wearing a mask."
  • I signalled the Butler and maids to go back to their rooms and asked the girl, "Are you sober now?"
  • "I think so. Um... Why am I here? Yeah, you hit me right?"
  • "It's the driver, not me."
  • "Why am I at your place then? Shouldn't you take me to the hospital?"
  • "You're drunk, not hurt."
  • "Really? How did you know that? Did you undress me to look for the wounds?" She sounded lascivious.
  • "It looks like you're not sober yet." gave a glass of water and continued, "Go back to bed."
  • I headed to the room and removed my mask and changed into a robe and went to bed after turning off the lights. I felt something in my bed. When I lifted the sheets to see… it's the girl!!! She was crawling on the bed.
  • I got out of the bed and shouted, "Get out of my bed!"
  • She didn't listen to me and lay on my bed.
  • "What are you doing here? Get out of my bed right now!"
  • "You look attractive. Why are you wearing the mask to hide this gorgeous face?"
  • "Stop saying nonsense and get out of my bed!"
  • She grabbed my bare hands saying, "Why are you throwing me out?... I'm scared of sleeping alone. I want to sleep here…"
  • Soon she slept while holding my bare hands, I couldn't do anything so I sat beside her.
  • Wait… We're holding hands. Hands? How did she hold my hand? Why didn't I flinch when she touched my hand? I didn't feel scared. How could this be possible?
  • I, Alexander Martinez, CEO of Skyland Corporation suffer from haphephobia ( fear of touching or being touched). I avoid physical contact with people, shaking hands, sharing a hug, kissing… all of these make me feel disgusted. My lifestyle has been a problem for me in everything I do. When I wanted to change myself, the doctor suggested that I should find someone who I am comfortable with but I haven't come across anyone until now. So I wear gloves all the time whenever I step out of my room and distance myself from everyone.
  • When I looked at her, she was sleeping peacefully on my bed holding my hand.
  • Unbelievable.
  • Are you the one I was searching for? So I finally found you.