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Chapter 38

  • Isabella's pov;
  • I dressed up and came downstairs with a big smile on my face. It's been months since I went out like this, so I'm very excited to hangout today. I haven't told Mr Martinez about the place because I don't want to ruin the surprise. 
  • Whenever I hangout with my friends, they are the ones to choose the place since they say i really have bad taste in choosing places for hanging out. I don't know why they find fault whenever I give their opinions about the place. But I'm sure the place I'm taking Mr Martinez, he will like it. 
  • "Are you going to stand here all day?" 
  • I heard Mr Martinez's voice from behind. Was he standing behind me all this time? I turned and apologised to him and moved away giving him a way. He walked past me and headed to the main hall. When I looked at his clothes, he was wearing a suit. Why is he wearing a suit? I asked him to wear casual clothes but why is he in a suit? Or did he forget that I asked him out? 
  • I ran after him and stopped him by calling out his name, "Mr Martinez!"
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