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Chapter 48

  • Mr Martinez pov;
  • Someone in the television, "Affair between The CEO and a High-Schooler has been the hot topic for over a week. Alexander Martinez, who is a CEO of Skyland corporation, has been accused of having an affair with a High-Schooler a week ago but still it is the hot search. The pictures of them being intimate has been released online which created a ruckus in the business world. A 24 year old guy being intimate with a 17 year old school girl? Was that girl forced to be with him? What is the relationship between them?..."
  • Mr Johnson turned off the television while saying, "Why are you watching this sh*t? It's all over the headlines in every channel for a week, even though I said not to telecast and spread anymore, they're still doing it?" Mr Johnson whined beside me.
  • "What about Ms Garcia?"
  • "I've checked her house, school, and her workplace and places she took jobs. Everyone's saying that they don't know anything about her and her mother's whereabouts. They sound like Isabella and her mother suddenly disappeared. There's no point in investigating them anymore, Sir."
  • "What about her phone?"
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