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Chapter 31

  • Isabella's pov; 
  • Butler helped me to take the travelbag from my room to the car for me. I got into the car and waited for Mr Martinez to come outside the house to bid farewell for me before leaving for the camp while Mateo was loading the travel bag into the car. 
  • I didn't see him when I came downstairs, they said he's still in his room. I thought if I ate the breakfast slowly, I would see him but he didn't come down. After breakfast, I still waited at the table for him but he didn't show up again.
  • I know he's never been a late riser from what I heard from the maids and Butlers working in his house. Then, why is he still in his room till now? Wait, was it because of that kiss last night? Was he awkward to see or...Was he shy? My thoughts made me chuckle on my own.
  • "Shall we go, Ms Garcia?" Mateo asked me while I was looking at the main door of the house hoping for Mr Martinez to appear.
  • "Can you please wait for another minute?"
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