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Chapter 33

  • Isabella's pov;
  • Third day of the camp, 
  • After finishing breakfast, Ms Devlin announced, "Since you went hiking and played scavenger hunt these two days, you would have known the outline of mount diablo by now so today we will be going on a field trip up the mountain which is the sole purpose we came here for. Note that every plant within the park is protected so collecting or destroying anything inside the park, including mushrooms, is prohibited so take things you need to note down like a note and a pen and when you're ready with your things, gather at the big rock at 8 am sharp." And left. 
  • Sophia shook me and asked, "Why are you still standing here? Come on, let's go to the tent and grab our things."
  • I gave a nod and followed her to the tent. How could she be so normal like nothing happened? Is it because it happened many months ago? Did time really help us to be strong? But, still, losing someone close to our heart... Argh! If i was there in her shoes, I'm sure i would have struggled in trauma right now. 
  • "Hey!"
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