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Chapter 4

  • Stepping on the gas, I drove as carefully fast as I could, trying to beat the time.
  • After a few red lights, a traffic jam and listening to “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers ft Daya, I approached my destination. Still couldn’t believe that I was a terrific driver. I guess one's hidden talents come to light in times of distress.
  • As I approached the driveway, my mouth fell open. The place looked like a fortress. What kind of office needs such a location, and what work do they do?
  • I stepped out of the vehicle and buzzed the bell on the gate.
  • “Hello,” a male voice answered.
  • “My name is Meredith Tate, and I’m here for the interview.”
  • To my surprise, the gate opened.
  • I went back into my car and drove in. When I least expected it, I hit a second gate. This time, armed men were lurking around the perimeter, all alert like they were expecting a third world war. To say that I was terrified was an understatement. The last time I saw this was in a movie. I wonder if the president worked here. How can a vicinity need this many gates and guards?
  • While I tried to gain the courage to meet any of the men and ask for a direction to the office I was meant to go to or, better still, find out if I was in the right place, one of them approached me. I must say that the selective process of these men had amazing standards on the list. Because they were astonishingly hot and tall, maintaining almost the same height.
  • “You must be Miss Tate,” his baritone voice said, ringing a sweet melody into my eyes. How could a man’s voice sound so heavenly? “You have two more gates to get cleared. When you get to the main gate, show a valid ID card and ask for Miss Devi Michael. She will instruct you further on what to do.”
  • The way he spoke was beautifully distracting that I barely understood his words. If I had seen him elsewhere without all this full military gear, I could’ve sworn that he was an athlete. Those---
  • “Did you hear me, ma’am?” his voice boomed, shaking me away from my analytic thoughts back to reality.
  • “Yes, sorry. Heard you loud and clear,” I said through a nervous chuckle. “Just out of curiosity, can I ask why there are so many gates? What or who is being guarded?”
  • Smiling, “I’m in no position to provide such information, Miss Tate.” His smile disappeared as fast as it came, and his face was emotionless. “But, I could tell you one thing, though.”
  • Leaning close to his mouth so that I could grab as many details of what he was about to tell, I mentally prepared myself for whatever heavy news he was about to drop.
  • “I would advise you to not stick your nose in unnecessary matters. It will save you from a lot of stress.” Swiftly, he walked away and signaled with a wave of his hand and the gate was opened.
  • I rolled my eyes so hard that it felt like I was about to lose them. So much for prepping myself for information. “Asshole,” I mumbled as quietly as possible. It would be a thing of shame to get thrown out because of what I said. However, I will definitely give him a piece of mine if I get this job. Little did I know that hell was waiting for me and I had just driven myself to it.
  • Successfully, I was able to get to the last gate following the hottie’s instruction. “I’m supposed to meet with Miss Michael,” I told another guard, who looked as ripped as the first one. “My name is Meredith Tate. I’m here for an interview.”
  • “Drive to the main building, ma’am.” This guard was not a bit friendly.
  • Finally, they opened the last gate. The outside did no justice to give an insight into what my eyes saw. The exterior looked like Heaven, adorned with beautiful flowers and trees of all kinds in two neat rolls, with one opposite the other. It was peaceful, soothing, and nourishing for the mind. There was a big mansion sitting in the middle. Not surprising, there were guards in every corner too.
  • Getting out of the car, I was directed by a security guard to whom to meet. Going through the pathway I was instructed to follow, I saw a patio which overlooked the crystal-like pool. Continuing on the path, I saw a marble door that led straight ahead.
  • I kept looking around, trying to absorb the positive energy of the place as I approached a doorway that looked like an invitation to a new adventure, a new challenge and a new chance to earn myself once more.
  • Lost in admiring the beautiful place, I missed a step and tripped, landing on an orchard of roses which got entirely ruined due to my impact. The vase supporting the orchard of lilies lost balanced and broke.
  • “Who the fuck let this wild human into my place?” an unfriendly male voice raged.
  • With embarrassment, I managed to get myself up, dusting the dirt off my knees. “Excuse--“ The rest of what I wanted to say got stuck in my mouth as I rose to meet the eyes of the most handsome person on Earth. Literary, he was a walking demigod.