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Chapter 8

  • Once they were inside, she said goodnight and headed to her room, she had to get far away from him, Serena could not get over how he kissed her neck, his warm breath and soft lip caressed her flesh, she felt herself melting, no one had kissed her that way before, the way he sucked not so lightly and not so hard gave her goosebumps and when Sebastian put his hand on her back and drew her closer to his body, she felt his haardness pressing into her thigh.
  • Like a candle being lit so was her desire, sweat trickled down between her breasts and her core started throbbing, unable to sleep Serena kept tossing and turning, giving up on unable to sleep she slip out of bed not bothering to put on a robe as she went to the library, there was a captivating romance book she saw earlier, she planned on grabbing the book and rush back to her room before anyone sees her.
  • Entering into the room with bare feet she turned on the small light by the bookshelf, after few minutes she found the book.
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