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Chapter 6

  • Smiling at her, he walked over and pull out her chair, " you look lovely tonight" he said, pushing her chair in, he got a whiff of her perfume, it was a scent he found to be very alluring and he lingered over her longer than was necessary.
  • He looked down at her neck, he had a thing for neck, loved the feel of them against his lips whenever he kiss one, and her neck he thought was more lovely than any other.
  • ************
  • Serena heart skipped a beat when she walked into the dining room and saw Sebastian standing close to the window, arms folded into each other looking out, he appeared to be in deep thoughts when he stood, he looked so different instead of wearing an expensive tailored suit he was on a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt under a jacket, it made him look more approachable, more charming.
  • His hair neatly in place, she felt nervous as she walked closer to the table, nervous being close to him when he pulled the chair out for her and she noticed how he lingered behind her, she got j breathing In the scent of her perfume.
  • *********
  • "I'm sorry I could not be with you during the day, I had some business to take care of in the company, i have had my chef prepare a special meal in honor of your stay here" he said, taking a seat across directly to her.
  • "I do hope no one went to any trouble on my account?" She asked and looked around the large dining room, the table alone could hold thirty or more people, there was a double door made of glass that led to the patio, Crystal Chandelier hung from the ceiling, it was all so elegant.
  • "Believe me, it was no trouble at all, did you get a chance to look around?" He asked, as he poured them each a glass of wine.
  • "Yes thank you, I really like your library, would you mind if I borrow a book or two?"
  • Sebastian gave her a warm smile, "Not at all, I already told you to make yourself comfortable during your stay here, think of this as your home"
  • This gave Serena the perfect opportunity to ask him about the locked room, " There was only one room I could not get into to see what is there, it was locked"
  • Giving her a suspicious glare he drank his wine at a go and answered, " Yes, I kept it locked, no one is allowed in there unless iam with them"
  • Serena noticed how his warm smile was replaced with a bitter scowl.
  • "Why? Are you hiding a secret in there? One that you don't want anyone to know about? She gave him a smile, then took a large gulp of her wine, it seems to her that she had hit a nerve.
  • It took a moment before Sebastian answered her, " that is my office, most times I don't go to my company, I work mostly from home and I want you to respect my wishes and my home"
  • "Iam sorry I didn't mean to pry"
  • Sebastian poured more champagne into his glass and took a sip, " there are actually no secrets hidden in there, I have none. I work mostly from home as I wish, I don't want anyone going through my legal papers, many people come into this mansion and go, I won't want anyone snooping around"
  • "Everyone has secret though, surely you must have one that you want it to be kept hidden from the world, maybe one that could damage your reputation as a CEO of the top leading company in the country"Serena shrugged and drank her champagne at a go, she gave Sebastian a small smile, studying his face for some kind of reaction but got none.
  • "What about you serena, what kind of secret are you keeping?" He asked, his eyes wandering down to her neck and he saw her swallow.
  • "Me? Why? I have no secrets" she said, a small smile cross her lip again.
  • Sebastian knew she was keeping something from him, but whatever it was he would find out.
  • "Did you get to explore outside?" He asked, changing the subject of their discussion.
  • "No, not yet"
  • "Then after we eat I will show you around" he looked up as the meal was brought in.
  • "Ah! Good, let's eat"
  • They enjoyed a delicious meal of lamb and homemade mint jelly, served with tiny roasted potatoes and for dessert, homemade pudding with whip cream ontop.
  • "You have some cream on it buttom lip" he pointed to her lip, before serena could take care of it, he reached over and with his thumb wiped it off, instead of removing his thumb he ran it across her buttom lip, he looked at her neck, the smell of her perfume was driving his sense into overdrive, her lip felt so soft and he wondered what it would be like to put his lips on them.
  • Serena backed away, his touch sent a shiver of desire coursing through her body, the way he was looking at her, she knew he was about to kiss her, and it was what she really wanted.