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Chapter 2

  • She was fast asleep when the plane landed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes she collected her bags and on going outside the airport she flagged down a passing cab, giving the drive the address to the hotel she leaned back and closed her eyes, not having much sleep in the past few days because of her trying to gather much information about that Arrogant old bastard, she desperately wanted a nice warm bed to crawl into.
  • She must have drifted off and was awaken when the cab came to a stop infront of the grand hotel, paying the driver, she entered the hotel and was awe when she looked around at her surrounding, it was so beautiful and elegant but of course it would be, since only the very wealthy could afford to stay there.
  • Crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, marbles floor and senile leather sofa and chairs were scattered around, even the staffs were elegantly dressed, not a grease in their uniforms or a hair out of place
  • "How long will you be staying with us miss?" The woman behind the counter asked, giving Serena a friendly smile.
  • "Uhm, iam not sure yet, few days I guess or maybe less....." Serena said, smiling back at the woman, ".... Could you tell me if Mr Sebastian Contè will be dining here anytime soon?" She asked, looking directly into her eyes.
  • "Mr Sebastian dines here every Tuesday and Friday evening, are you a friend of his miss?" The female staff asked, looking Serena over.
  • Serena saw the woman was checking her out, she knew she did not in any way look like she belong in a place as fancy as this, talk more of asking about the popular old billionaire in New York, but she shook off the feeling and looked at the woman, " Yes, in a manner of speaking"
  • She turned and headed towards the elevator, after being shown her room Serena explored it,never had she stayed in such a beautiful room, the carpet was so thick and soft under her now bare feet, a large window showed the view of the street below.
  • Going to bed she sat on it, it felt like she was sitting in a cloud, laying onto her back she decided to close her eyes for few minutes before getting ready for dinner, but few minutes later she was fast asleep.
  • Serena suddenly woke up in a panic when she realized it was already dark and she had slept in, turning on the bedside lamp and seeing it was going to Nine'Oclock she jumped out of bed, she had to hurry in order to get to the dinning room, thankfully it was Friday and Old Sebastian might already be there, Serena could not afford to miss this opportunity or she would have to wait for the following Tuesday.
  • Since red was his favorite color according to what she read online, she bought an expensive red dress, it was short with a plunging neckline, one that shows off her cleavage, her breasts may not be so large but they were firm, full and perky and the red dress fit perfectly on her body like a glove, hugging her curves in all the right places.
  • She wore her blonde hair down, using her curling iron to give it some bounce, smiling as she looked into the mirror she could not help but admit she looked hot and hoped the old hag would have a heart attack and then she would not have to deal with him.
  • It would give her great satisfaction to see him die right in front of her.
  • Now if only she can get his attention she thought to herself when she entered the dinning room, once she was seated she looked around for an older gentleman, but not seeing anyone who fit the description in her brain, who she could pinpoint to be Mr Sebastian she signalled the waitress and asked if he had arrived yet.
  • "Yes miss, he is currently seating at his regular table over by the window" she discretely pointed to where he was.
  • Serena smiled and thank the waitress who returned the smile, a devilish smirk formed on her face as she turned to take a full view of the heartless old geezer only for her to get the shock of her life, he was absolutely not what she was expecting, this man she was seeing was tall even while sitting, dark, drop-dead gorgeous, and through his clothing she could tell he was well toned and muscular, he was busy reading paper of some kind, his brows furrowed as if in deep thought.
  • The devilish smirk crossed her lip, seducing and destroying him would be so much fun and more pleasant than merely seeing a creepy old guy having an heart attack.