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Chapter 3

  • "Okay, it is show time" she said to herself as she stood up and walked towards his table.
  • Just as she got next to his table she let her purse slip from her finger and fall to the ground, being this close to this male God Serena suddenly felt nervous and almost change her mind, but before she could pick her purse, he already made a move, stopping her dead in her track.
  • Sebastian felt a presence from the corner of his eyes, he saw the red purse laying on the floor, so bending down he picked it up, seeing a pair of incredible legs in heels, he let his eyes travel slowly up as he stood straight holding her purse, his eyes were drawn to what he thought was an amazing cleavage.
  • Serena saw the way he was starring so brazenly at her breast and wanted to slap the Arrogant shameless bastard hard on his face but instead she gave him a sexy smile, "Thank you, sometimes I can be clumsy" she said, trying to sound flirtatious.
  • Sebastian smiled as he deliberately let his eyes roam over her body, from those sexy large eyes to her incredible perfect lip down to those attractive cleavage, " It is my pleasure miss, iam sorry I don't know your name" he said, handing her the purse.
  • "Serena, just Serena" she said, battling her eyes, she did not want him to know her surname, that might give her away and her plan becoming useless, Sebastian held out his hand to shake her, "Sebastian, Sebastian Contè at your service, so are you coming or going?" Be asked, still holding her hand before letting go .
  • When she took his hand, it was like a spark of electricity shot through her finger, her body became warm and she quickly withdraw her hand from his.
  • "Uhm, I was going to eat, but I feel uncomfortable dinning alone, I thought I would just go back to my room and order room service" Serena tried to look uneasy, though she did not have to act, this man standing before her had unnerved her with his dark piercing eyes when he stared into her eyes until she had to look away.
  • "Please join me for dinner, I would enjoy the company" Sebastian saidz giving her a smile that showed off his sparkling white teeth.
  • "Uhm, I would not want to impose" Serena said shyly.
  • "You would not be, Infact you would be doing me a favor, I hate to dine alone and it would be an honor to have a beautiful woman with me".
  • After accepting his invitation he pulled her chair out and waited for her sit, Serena could fee his warm breath on the back of her neck as he lingered for a moment, once they were both seated a waiter came over and poured them each a glass of champagne leaving the bottle on the table.
  • She waited while he made a call, from the look of their conversation it sounds like he was breaking a date.
  • "Something came up, let's get together another time, I will call you" he said to the person on the other end of the line as he gives Serena a smile.
  • Serena took a sip of her champagne, and smiled back at him.
  • "So tell me Miss Serena, what is such a beautiful woman as yourself doing here alone"
  • "Please call me Serena" she said, almost Rolling her eyes, instead she gave him a small smile.
  • "Only if you will call me Sebastian" he replied.
  • "That is no big deal, well Sebastian iam here on a vacation, I have heard a lot about this hotel here in New York and always wanted to come"
  • "You came all the way down to New York alone? It is not safe for a young woman to travel unaccompanied" he said, and sat back to study her face, trying to read her.
  • "A friend was going to join me, but he backed out at the last moment, I couldn't cancel my plans because this is a dream of mine, so here iam"
  • "Your boyfriend let you come by yourself?"
  • "I have no boyfriend, it was a girl that was coming with me".
  • "Where are you from?" He asked, glad to hear that she was single.
  • Serena took a long sip of her champagne, she was getting tired of this game, she couldn't wait to take her revenge on Sebastian once and for all, she felt that things were not going too fast as she wanted, nevertheless she decided to get things going, the slower the more fun.
  • "Here at this hotel" she told him, not wanting to tell him where exactly she is from, she let out a deep sigh before continuing, "..but I won't be here for long, it's much more expensive than I thought it would be.