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Revenge On Mr Billionaire

Revenge On Mr Billionaire


Last update: 2022-12-01

Chapter 1

  • The sky was turning dark as a storm was gathering, Serena felt a sprinkle of raindrops falling on her tear stained face as she stood by her father's grave. A letter from Sebastian Contè the CEO of Él Contè Investment Company lay crumpled into a ball in her hand, this paper was the reason why her father had a massive heart attack, the reason he was dead and buried.
  • The letter stated that Sebastian was calling in the loan her father had taken out to keep his ranch running, and not being able to make the payment as at due date, Sebastian sent his men to close down the ranch, this broke Serena's father and his will to live, the ranch was his only businesses, the source of his income which he uses to take care and support himself and Serena who would be graduating from college.
  • Serena was left homeless with little money to live on, she had no relative, her mother died when she was in labour rooom, and the only person she had just died because of the cold heartless Sebastian. The thunder roared and the sky opened up, soaking her to the bone, she sank to the ground on her knees, her finger digging into the wet soil, looking up at the dark sky with the rain falling on her face, Serena let out a loud scream, she swore on her last breath that one day soon she would make Sebastian pay, one way or the other.
  • Serena was just twenty four years old, she work in a small coffee shop, she had gone online after the day work to find out all she could about Sebastian Contè, according to what she read, he consider himself to be quite the play boy using women for his own sexual gratification and then toss them to the crub as anyone would to garbage. He was quoted as saying he was a devoted bachelor, claiming he didn't believe in love and would never be tied down to one woman.
  • "Men are not meant to have one mate his whole life, we were built to enjoy the flesh of many female, not just one, which isn't normal" this also was another quote if his in an interview online which only disgusted Serena more.
  • The article also stated that he was ruthless, curel and dangerous both in business and his personal life, Sebastian according to what was written about him online was born and brought up in Germany, but moved to New York at the age of Twenty Six, and after making his first couple of billions, he bought a castle where he now lives.
  • No where could Serena find a picture of Sebastian or his real age, it was said he valued his privacy and never allowed his picture to be taken, those who didn't heed to his warning experience a taste of his ruthlessness and wrath, Serena only guessed he had to be an older man and most likely unattractive bitter specie.
  • Still surfing through other websites to get more information about him, Serena saw an article about a party he was hosting at his castle, it was to be the party of the century, an elegant event with only the wealthiest and high society attending, selected people from all over the world would be there.
  • "Well Mr Sebastian, guess who is coming to dinner" Serena said out loud with a devilish grin, her eyes blazing with fire, she read the post again, taking details of the information as a plan began to form in her head.
  • First of all she would take a leave of absence from her job, she would take all her savings including the money her late father left for her and go to New York. She would find a way to crash his party and find her way into his home where she would definitely find something she could use to destroy him, his reputation and his company.
  • That was the only way Old Haggard looking Sebastian would pay for destroying the only person she had in her life, Her Father.
  • After booking her flight to New York, Serena packed her bag deciding to buy whatever else she she would need once she arrived there, during the flight she once again went on the internet, she was determined to find out everything she could about this heartless old man, it took some time but she finally was able to find a few article about him, like his favourite place to dine, what his taste in women was, apparently he was into blonde with large breasts, looking down at her chest Serena had to laugh, well she was blonde but her breast? Not so large.
  • Finding the hotel where he frequently stay and dine, she knew that was where she would have to stay if she had any chance of running into him, she knew she would have to work quickly when she gets to new York, the hotel would be her biggest expenses considering the fact that she did not have enough money with her that would last for a long time, Serena hoped to run into him sooner, rather than later.