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Chapter 4

  • Sebastian sat back in his chair to study the beauty before him, " I'd hate to see you go back home without seeing the sights, you could come and stay at my mansion, iam hosting a party next week and would love for you to be there"
  • Serena heart was beating fast, she had to play it cool, she didn't want to appear anxious, " Why Sebastian? What are you proposing?" She asked, her tongue traced her buttom lip.
  • "It's not what you might be thinking Serena, you would be my guest and have your own room in another wing of the mansion, I could show you around and see alot of things you might never forget in a hurry".
  • Serena made a point of running her finger along the neckline of her dress, she saw his eyes following her fingers, the tip of his tongue darted out to lick his lip and back in again.
  • "If you are sure I wouldn't be imposing, I would love the sight seeing".
  • Sebastian smiled, " Good, it's settled then, now allow me to buy you dinner"
  • During the meal he told her about all the places that he had been to, and the things he got in his mansion in which he would be showing her soon, he did most of the talking while Serena played dumb for over two hours.
  • Serena was getting irritated at the fact that she was enjoying his company, the company of the man who killed her father, she was unconsciously enjoying the company of the man who she could not wait to destroy everything about him.
  • No doubt he was really charming and sexy and it didn't hurt gf he was drop- dead gorgeous, she could not help feeling a little attracted to him when he looked at her and smile.
  • He had the most amazing eyes, they were dark and mysterious with a hint of danger in them, Sebastien later insisted on walking her to her room after their dinner, there he took the key from her hand and waited for her to walk in.
  • Her heart started beating fast when he took her hand and held it, placing the key into her palm, a tingle coursed through her body from his touch, it felt like a soft caress, she thought for sure he'd wanted to come in but he remained standing by the door.
  • "I will have a car pick you up in the morning, a room will be prepared for you, I do hope you will make yourself at home, good night Serena" he said, kissing the back of her hand, then turning he left, shutting the door behind him.
  • Sebastian contè was no fool, he didn't get to where he was now by being stupid,he knew she had deliberately dropped her purse by his table, he was not fooled by the dumb act she was putting on and wonder what her agenda was. If she hadn't been so beautiful he would have dismissed her, but he was curious as to what game she was playing, Serena didn't strike him like a golddigger type, or one who wanted sex, she was definitely up to something and he was going to find out what that was.
  • *********
  • Serena leaned against the door, letting out the breath she had been holding in, he had gotten so close she thought he was going to kiss her, God help her when she looked at his lip, she wanted to feel them o hers, wanted him to kiss her, but thankfully he hadn't, knowing it would lead to more and it was too soon to sleep with him, first she had to make him call inlove and the it would be easy to get rid of him once and for all.
  • Climbing into bed she laid awake thinking about him, she hated acting like a dumb blonde around him, she hated Sebastian for all he stood for and what he had done to her father, she would make him pay, after seducing him and getting his trust, she would find a way to ruin him and his reputation completely.
  • Sebastian thought in the meantime he would enjoy getting to know Serena and into his bed, she may well prove to be entertaining in and out of bed, she was way young and fresh, there was fire and passion in those green eyes of hers, lately he has been getting so bored with all the women he knew, they were boring as shit in bed as well as outside the bedroom, he wanted someone with fire, someone with passion and Serena might just be the one to bring him to a whole new height of sexual satisfaction.
  • Sebastian entered the penthouse he rented earlier since he usually have a woman spend the night with him whenever he done in his favorite hotel, but meeting Serena he cancelled his date and now he sat alone in his bedroom with a scotch in his hand.
  • As he looked out he window he became restless and now wished he had brought Serena with him, the way she ran her long painted finger nails along her cleavage bringing his attention to her breast had aroused him, Sebastian could picture her long amazing legs around his neck as he savour the taste of her sweet juice.
  • Dropping her off at her room he could not take his eyes off her slender neck, he had to fight the urge not to put his lip there and suck lightly as he move his lip down to her breast, wanting to feel her soft skin.
  • "Oh miss Serena, I don't know what game you think you are playing, but I will win, I always do"