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Chapter 5

  • Serena was dressed and packed by the time the car had arrived to pick her up, she was shocked to find that Sebastian had sent a limousine, she felt the leather seat, so soft to touch. Sitting back she started feeling anxious.
  • What if her plan did not work and backfired?
  • Sebastian was a self-made billionaire, young and handsome, he could have any woman he wanted, what made her think he would want her? Much less fall in love with her?
  • Suddenly Serena was afraid that she might have bitten more than she could chew.
  • After one hour drive she looked out through the window and saw the mansion looming ahead, "he really does love in a castle mansion, oh wow! Twin mansion" she said out loud in total awe.
  • "What is that miss?" The driver asked, looking in his rearview mirror back at her.
  • "Nothing" she replied, shaking her head, when the car pulled a stop infront of the mansion a bluter was there to greet her.
  • "Good day miss Serena, Mr contè sends his apologies for not being here to greet you himself, but he will join you tonight for dinner, allow me to show you to your room".
  • Serena nodded and walked behind the man, her head turning in every direction trying to take in as much view as she can, she was amazed at how huge and modern the place was.
  • Thinking this was a good opportunity to find out more about Sebastian since he was not around in the mansion she turned to the bulter, "Does Mr Sebastian really live here alone?"
  • "Yes miss, although the help also live here, they have their own quarter in the other wing of the mansion, and from time to time Mr contè usually have first staying here.
  • "Oh...." Serena replied nodding her head, "...uhm, does he have a wife, or perhaps girlfriend?" She asked, trying not to sound that interested.
  • The bulter turned to her and grin, " Mr contè has many female friends" he said, stopping at the door he opened it, "... Your room miss"
  • Serena walked in, " what do I call you?" She ask.
  • "Robert is my name miss, Mr contè says you are free to explore, if you need anything you can use the phone by the bed, all buttons are marked, is there anything else I can do for you before leaving miss?"
  • Serena turned to him, he was a tall, thin grey haired man, " No, thanks Robert" she said, giving him a friendly smile.
  • Once he was gone she looked around her surrounding, the room was very huge with it's amazing thick luxurious cream colour wall to wall carpet. Even the drapes matched the carpet. The room had a sofa and chair and a king size bed, it also has an enormous en-suite with a mini fridge fully packed with snacks and drinks from wine to water, but Serena didn't want to waste time, she wanted to explore, she wanted to see things, she wanted something tangible.
  • Walking down the staircase she stopped to admire the art work that hung on the wall, there were many valuable paintings from famous artists around the world. Going down she came across his library it was enormous, a baby grand piano stood in the middle of the room.
  • The wall were lined with books shelves filled with books ranging from romance novels to the most famous classic, there were also several chairs and a sofa by the enormous fireplace which was lit. Serena found it strange since it was a warm day out.
  • She explored more rooms, a gym which had every piece of equipments known to man, an indoor pool, a game room on the main floor, she came across a particular room and found it locked, making her curious as to what was in there since every other rooms were opened.
  • She decided that she would have to find a way to get in, but not now, it was already getting late and she needed to get ready for dinner.
  • Standing in front of the full-length mirror she checked out her appearance, Serena had decided to wear a shirt black skirt with a pink top, she wore only a light dusting of makeup and then dab a perfume behind each earlobe, after giving her hair another brushing she checked herself once again in the mirror before heading downstairs.
  • When Serena entered the dining room Sebastian rose to his feet, the lightning from the candle cast a soft glow over her, he swallowed the lump that formed in his throat when he saw her, she look so beautiful like an angel, her top was sheer enough that he could see her bra beneath it, it is as thesame as the top and he wonder if she was wearing matching panties.
  • Her legs were long and shapely and she wore high heels which added more contour to them, the chain she wore drew attention to her neck, a neck Sebastian now wish he was kissing.
  • "All in good time" he thought to himself, " All in good time Serena. You will be begging me to touch you"