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Chapter 6

  • The rest of the night flew by like an instant, it seemed like I wasn't sleeping at all, I wasn't going through the stages of fast and deep sleep, I was just closing my eyes for a long time. The alarm clock was merciless, no favorite melodies that I usually take a long time to choose, the original melody of the iPhone just killed. The first thing I felt was that I was hot, it was like the heating in the room was off the charts, the bed was by the fireplace and I was wearing a hundred blankets. I didn't even have time to move before I realized I wasn't alone in the bed. Behind me, someone was holding me by the waist, and someone across the room had already turned off the alarm clock.
  • "It's a little early, even for me", Aaron grinned, tucking his phone under his pillow. I tried to wriggle out of Owen's embrace, and he grumbled:
  • "We just keep sleeping".
  • "I have to go to work! "I lied cheekily, amazed at my own cleverness.
  • Aaron took my phone and tried to unlock it with face ID, but before I could hide my face in the blanket, he was already in my phone! Shit! "Are you going to tell me where to find your shift schedule? Or should I? "
  • This totally freaks me out, and I was ready to literally fight over the phone. But Owen's hand quickly moved up; he wrapped his arms around me, put his leg over me, and then he said so softly in my ear, "Shh, shh, it's going to be okay."
  • "Okay, I promise not to reveal any secrets; most likely the schedule is in the general chat."
  • I made another attempt to break free, but Owen's hands were too strong, and he also ran his nose through my hair, touched my neck with his lips, and I just lost the strength in my arms to resist. I didn't care if they find out I lied. Through my clothes I can feel him getting excited and I stopped thinking about myself. Meanwhile Aaron called out triumphantly:
  • "Yes, your shift is tomorrow, and today is your first day off in two weeks."
  • I should have been outraged that the lie had been exposed, that they shouldn't have let it happen, that even if I didn't have to go to work, I might have things to do. But any sober and rational thought that came into my head was immediately erased.
  • Owen was long gone from holding me, his hands slid down my body and dived into my panties. Ouch! I thought that was my moan. I didn't care anymore, the last thought that went through my head was to brush my teeth and take a shower, but a second later my whole being wanted only one thing.
  • Owen rolled me onto my stomach and pulled down my underwear, covering my back with kissed, squeezing my buttocks and rubbing his excited cock against me. I arched towards him; I was ready to take him. He put on a condom and enters me. How long I've waited for this! Every movement echoed through my body and I rocked in waves of pleasure.
  • I opened my eyes for a moment, and Aaron had his hand under his head, watching us with a half-smile on his face. He was enjoying the view and when he noticed me looking at him, he said, "Owen, punish her good for being such a little liar".
  • "I'd love to", and then his thrusts became stronger, sharper, harder, and I came closer and closer to cumming. My moans got louder and louder, and I could hear Owen's ragged breathing, and Aaron's face was frozen in front of my eyes. And all the sensations, sounds, sights, touches and heat grow inside me until it exploded in bright flashes and sweet numbness spreads throughout my body. It took Owen a little longer, but I was already in a kind of oblivion. The sensations were too much and my strength was completely gone.
  • "You know, there's something else I'd like to see on your phone, " Aaron kissed my shoulder. Mentally I resented him, but I can't even move. What else could he possibly found interesting on it? It was the same as everyone else's: calls, texts, music, social media, shopping, news... "Olivia, you don't mind, do you? I'm just going to look at your call history from yesterday. We went to the Jerez yesterday right after it opened, about 7:30, stayed for two hours, didn't we, Owen?"
  • "Yeah, that's right, we were supposed to have a meeting at nine", Owen's voice sounded somewhere in the bathroom area.
  • There was nothing remarkable about my calls. My favorites were my friends, my brother, my aunt, and my work contacts. I had no idea what Aaron is up to. Meanwhile, he read out the list and times of the calls:
  • "10:47 a.m. unknown number, 4:54 p.m. unknown number, 5:10 p.m. Gregory, 6:04 p.m. Katrine. And no more incoming or outgoing".
  • "And? " I wanted to say, but instead I mumbled something inaudible.
  • "Which means", Owen lied down on the other side of me and started to draw patterns on my back, "That you didn’t have a meeting with your boyfriend yesterday, you came to the Jerez because you were looking for us. Didn’t you?"
  • I completely forgot that I also lied shamelessly yesterday. "Who would tell the truth if it were me? And you’re so meticulous, you remember everything, you try to check everything and look for clues, you certainly didn’t lie about your profession".
  • "That also means you’re a liar squared", Owen whispered, "And that’s double punishment".
  • "No!", I wanted to scream, but I knew I’d signed up for the double pleasure, I wanted it. I feel the mattress on Aaron’s side sag, heard the condom wrapper rip and he came slowly, leaving kisses on my skin. He turned me onto my back and entered me gently, as if he was ready my mind and decided to spare me. I drown in the sensations, in the soft rhythm, in the precise movements, and when the orgasm came, I literally fell into another reality. I simply passed out, fell asleep or lost consciousness. And for a long time in my dreams, it seemed to me that I was swinging on invisible swings, and the pleasure did not end even in my dreams.