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Chapter 2

  • It was really the best option? Of course not, the best option was the one where I didn't get drunk with strangers. But instead of acting reasonable, I grabbed his arm and tried to stand up. If this was a scene from a movie, it would be perfect. But in real life, I collapsed on my side and needed the help of two men to get up. Their car appeared nearby. I was expecting to see a fancy jeep, pickup, or van, like some of the maniacs who choose such a vehicle to make it easier to transport the bodies of their victims. But Owen ended up driving an ordinary silver sedan. Aaron helped me into the back seat, but instead of taking the front seat, he circled the car and sat next to me, helping me fasten my seat belt.
  • "Where are we going?"
  • "1#8 Mabury Road."
  • Owen punched the address into the navigator and the electronic woman plotted the route. Fifteen minutes to sober up and show up at his brothers in decent shape. Whether it was the power of suggestion or the alcohol gradually wearing off, the noise in his head subsided a bit. Owen missed the turn - the route was realigned. Another five minutes to clean up and we were there.
  • "Here we are, Olivia."
  • "I thanked the guys and looked inside. The lights were still on and there was a red car parked outside. I bit my lip; this seemed like a bad time. So many times, my brother helped me when I was in trouble, when guys stole money from me and ran away, he found them, when my girlfriend almost got raped by some asshole in a club, he came to my rescue too. I went to him every time I was in trouble and never once when everything was fine. And now he might have been on a date and now there was a continuation of the date at home. I could be wrong and he was just sitting alone in front of the TV drinking a beer, but if he wasn't... I wanted to ruin the moment, ruin the evening. Of course, Gregory would forgive me, despite his brutal and serious appearance, he was kind and he loved me. I wouldn't forgive myself. How many times could I run away from problems, create new ones, and run away again? I had to go back to the beginning and do the right thing, at least once in my life.
  • "Can you take me somewhere else?" I asked guiltily.
  • "No problem," Owen said and picked up his phone to type in the address. I could tell Aaron had something to ask. I looked at him for the first time since we had been in the car. I could tell by the look in his eyes that I didn't want to talk about it. At least I hoped not.
  • "2#94 Colorado Avenue." Twenty-three minutes to destination, the navigator said.
  • "Don't tell me you're going to that asshole's house, who dumped you" Aaron couldn't stand it and let it out with such frustration.
  • "What was I supposed to do?"
  • The car moved. There was silence in the cabin.
  • "Spend the night with us", Aaron sat closer and pressed the seat belt buckle. He was very close, one hand on the back of the seat, the other tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I stared at him, mesmerized, the glare of the light playing across his face and the excitement still dancing in his eyes. I didn't resist when he ran his fingers along my cheek, down my neck, over my shoulder, and back again. His lips were against mine, but he took his time kissing me.
  • "Have you ever had a threesome?" The question was rhetorical; he knew the answer. I didn't say anything. "Just imagine, two men you don't know caress you all night long and give you so much pleasure that tomorrow you'll be happy that this idiot is no longer in your life. It's just one night, a reboot to start fresh tomorrow. Let yourself do something crazy".
  • And from that point on, I just let go of the brake and pressed on the gas. I kissed him, not him kissing me. I was the one on top of him, my lips on his. Just the thought of being caressed by two pairs of hands drove me wildly ecstatic. But even in thought it wasn't as good as in life.
  • When you are undressed by four hands, you don't notice how fast your clothes fall off. Before I can concentrate on the sensations, Aaron kissed me and gently squeezed my breasts. At the same time, Owen's lips touched my neck with his other hand and he undone the button on my shorts with one hand. I didn't know where my hands are, I shown my shoulders, my clothes, my hair and I can't tell who is where. They didn't give me a break; it was worth it for one to stopped kissing me while the other took possession of my lips. I took off my shorts, underwear and top, I wasn’t wearing anything, I was naked in a spacious house. I didn't care about the interior, the color of the carpet, I didn't even know what part of town we are in. I was just here and now with these two insanely sexy guys. If you think I was too quick to agree to a threesome, you just haven't seen these men in action, next to them it's impossible to say no.
  • Owen and Aaron kissed my neck at the same time, as if they're in cahoots, sliding down and taking my nipples in their mouths. At the same time, and I can't hold back a moan, I can't feel my legs. There's a fire in my lower abdomen, just touching my skin and I was on fire. It was like they know, their hands sliding down my thighs, my back, my stomach. Damn it, if they told me to jump off the roof in this state, I'll jump, if they told me to renounce God, I'll refuse. In the morning I'll burn with shame for having been with two men at the same time, but I wanted twice as much affection and pleasure.
  • Aaron took me in his arms and I ran my hand through his short hair. He carried me like I'm nothing. When I opened my eyes, I saw the stairs to the second floor, but we went to the long couch with the big pillows. He gently laid me down on the pillows and I didn't want to let him go, I wanted to feel his warmth, but he got up to take off his shirt. I caught a glimpse of the endless array of juicy colored tattoos. But at the same second, Owen came over me from the other side of the couch and kissed me in style, his hands on my breasts pinching my nipples hard, I arched my back and a moan escape right into his mouth. He smiled, I can hear Aaron smiling, yes, they definitely liked what they see. But I was too horny to think about it, all I wanted is for one of them to take me. But they knew how to prolong the pleasure, it was like they are a well-coordinated machine that tortures me. While Owen caressed my neck and chest, Aaron slid his fingers from my knees to my stomach and back again, kissing my goosebumps, biting gently, blowing and slowly fanning my legs. I really wanted him to touch me there. Right now.
  • "Do you want us". He teased.
  • "Very much".
  • Why did he get the urge to talk at the worst possible moment, it's a mockery.
  • Owen kissed my lips again, pinched my nipples, and just then Aaron slowly ran his hot tongue over my pussy. If they repeated this technique a few more times, I'd come. But it was as if Aaron reads my mind and pulls away. I heard the condom ripping, and the next minute he was inside me in one strong, fast, full-length thrust. I arched my back against him and he ran his hands down my back, but he didn't move inside me. And I wanted so much to feel those fireworks inside me again. And only when I relaxed on the soft pillows he began to move again, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I caught his rhythm and felt everything inside me ready to explode. But my tormentor didn't let me come so easily.
  • "Don't you think we'll forget about Owen? "
  • You are right! I opened my eyes, surprised and wild at the thought of the three of us. He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, not like last time, but just touching me lightly. And it made me feel so good and relaxed.
  • "Get down on all fours", Aaron orders and I can't help but obey.
  • Owen stood with his pants down, his bright Hawaiian shirt was still on. The back of the couch was low and I can see his aroused cock. I knew what they're asking me to do, and I comply without hesitation. I was on all fours, covering my eyes and opening my mouth. I breathed out and two hot cocks enter me from both sides. Simultaneously, slowly, as if we were a single organism. I didn't resist, I wanted it, I wanted to surrender to the power of two beautiful men. And they took matters into their own hands, increased the speed, tormented my flesh. Aaron's fingers dug greedily into my waist, made me think there'll be marks there tomorrow. Owen gently held my head back, were pushing it all the way down my throat, but still allowed me to breathe. We were both enjoying ourselves, moving in a unified rhythm. I cum first, screaming incoherently, trying to scream, and I wanted to collapse without strength, my arms folded under me. Owen didn't push me, didn't force me, just let me fall gently on the pillows. I needed a break, I wished I could stop everything, because the sensations were becoming so vivid that a second orgasm was about to hit me. It had never happened to me before, and apparently it won't this time either, because Aaron let out a loud growl, entered me three times, and then lied on top of me with practically his whole body, he was kissing and biting the skin on my shoulder. Ouch! But a discharge ran up my spine and spreads all over my body.
  • "You're so fucking good. You know that? "
  • I mumbled something like "no," I think I should have said "yes." But what difference did it make now?
  • Aaron pulled away quickly, but only to make room for Owen. I wanted to resist, I wanted to beg him to stop, I didn't think I can take it anymore, it was too much for me.
  • "No, no", I whispered. Aaron landed roughly on the pillows next to me, and I expected him to do the same, but he ran a gentle hand through his hair and said nothing.
  • Owen slowly ran his hand down my spine, pressed tightly against me, but he was in no hurry to enter me, even though I can feel his erection. His mouth was on my ear, he whispered.
  • "Will you let me? Come for me now... " He ran his tongue along the edge of my ear, his breath fanned the flames inside. "If you say no, nothing will happen. But if you say yes, there's no stopping me. "
  • How can I resist? My stomach tightened into a knot and I breathed heavily, swallowed air and let out a short "Ok". Aaron stroked my head:
  • "That's a good girl".
  • "I want to look at you", Owen turned me around, Aaron pulled one of the pillows aside, my head on his stomach. I gave him a quick look and he smiles. Owen put his hands on the couch, hovers over me and came in sharply. I can only gasp, I didn't have the strength anymore. Aaron said something to me, caressed my breasts, pinched my nipples painfully, which Owen then kissed. Were they conspiring? Or was this their usual plan, the thought flashed through my mind and faded away. I wished I could think about it, but there was too much going on with me. My moan turned into a scream when I can't hold it in any longer, my orgasm hit me head on and I practically passed out. Half asleep I heard Owen was panting and kissing my shoulder. I heard them were pulling the couch back, covering my body with a soft blanket, offering me water, but I can't even refuse or accept. The lights went out, the couch sagged under the weight of the men, who lied down on either side. Their measured breathing lulled me to sleep, sleep drew me into its depths.