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Chapter 10 His Decision

  • Eric's POV
  • After talking to my mom, I went to the bedroom directly but my legs shook in front of the door. I suddenly remembered how I kissed her and it was really awkward for me to face her now. For her this is normal but for me, I really don't know how to feel after what I did. But one thing becomes clear that whenever I see her, she will arouse my inner desires for her and this is really bad in this situation when she really doesn't know my identity. 
  • I just helplessly sighed in my heart. This is the first day and I have already crossed my line. What will I do in the coming days, I do not know myself and this is really frustrating me but I have to find an excuse to stay away from her as soon as possible. After making my mind, I took a long breath and opened the door of the room but to my surprise, I saw that she was already on the bed and her eyes were closed. 
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