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My Substitute Husband

My Substitute Husband


Update: 2022-06-25

Chapter 1 My Substitute Husband

  • Angela's POV.
  • Today is a big day for me because today my childhood dream is going to be fulfilled. This is the day when I am going to be a bride. My love !! My Erish's bride..!! From Angela Brown to Mrs. Angela Brooks. I'm so happy today !!
  • Finally! We are getting married! From today I will become his wife..! Only thinking about that my smile widened.
  • I am already ready in my beautiful white bridal dress and I can see my beautiful reflection in the mirror clearly.
  • My heart is jumping like a child to see myself. At least thousands of times, from childhood to the present day, I must have imagined myself in the bridal dress. But after seeing myself in bridal clothes today, I am unable to explain my own feelings.
  • I moved closer to the mirror and touched my own reflection with my hands and my eyes became moist.
  • If I say that today I am not nervous at all then this would be the biggest lie.
  • Because right now I'm nervous as hell! With every second my heart beats faster. And I don't know how to control this emotion. It feels like I should dig a hole and hide myself there! I don't know why I'm feeling like this. But a few days ago, I'm just the opposite of this..! I was excited..! and I don't have any worries at all.
  • At that time I felt that I knew Erish and his family since childhood and that is why I had not even thought that I would be nervous on my wedding day..! Everyone loves me dearly. So, there is nothing to be feared at all. But everything is different from my thoughts..!! I'm just nervous as hell and it feels like my heart will jump out from my chest.
  • I am circling around the room in a panic when the sound comes from my behind. I turned my head to look behind me and I found my mother standing in front of me.
  • "Oh my, look at yourself..! You look so gorgeous and beautiful my daughter! " she said in an excited tone.
  • I smiled at her and said in a calm tone - "Thank you, Mom! "
  • Seeing my normal reaction, she asked "So how are you feeling today? "
  • Hearing her question, I just smiled slightly and said " Not so good! "
  • Hearing me, she chuckled and I frustratingly raised my eyebrows "Mom!! "
  • "Sorry! But seeing your expression, I couldn't control my laugh ! " my mother said in a gentle voice.
  • I pouted my lips angrily and said " Mom, how can you laugh at your own daughter ?! When she is so nervous! "
  • "Silly girl! It is normal to be nervous! This is your big day, how can you not be nervous!! " my mother said in a sweet tone, holding my hands.
  • "But Mom, I feel like I should just run away or hide myself! And I don't know, why am I thinking like that? " I said in an upset tone.
  • She held my hand tightly and said emotionally " Sweetheart, don't be upset! This is really normal for a woman to become nervous on her wedding day..! "
  • " From today your whole life is going to be changed. You will now belong to your husband, not to us anymore ! " she said in an emotional tone.
  • Hearing her, I said in a scolding tone, hugging her tightly "Mom! Don't say those things again! I will always belong to you and Dad!! No one can snatch me from you and Dad!! "
  • Hearing this she chuckled hard and said "Silly girl !!! "
  • "Now let's go, it's already time for you to go to the stage! "
  • "Let's go, " she was hurrying up..!
  • I got nervous again hearing her. But she tapped my shoulder and said sweetly "Sweetheart, don't be nervous! just relax and enjoy your biggest day! "
  • I don't know how but hearing my mother's words, I become calm.
  • After calming myself, I smiled at her and nodded my head lightly.
  • I went out with my mother and then my father came towards me. He gently smiled and said "My daughter is looking so gorgeous and beautiful today! "
  • Hearing him, I smiled sweetly.
  • Dad moved his one arm towards me and I interconnected my one arm around his.
  • "Let's go! " my dad said in a gentle voice.
  • I nodded my head nervously and shyly.
  • I entered the main hall with my dad and everyone started clapping and cheering..!!
  • I slowly-slowly started walking towards the stage where my childhood love, my life, my Erish, my future husband were waiting for me. I know he is standing in front of me on the stage. But I don't know why I feel so shy to look at him. So all the time my head is down and I'm looking at the floor only.
  • After a few more steps finally, I came over the stage, in front of him and my dad took my one hand and put it on Erish's hand.
  • "Please take care of her! " my father said in a gentle tone and left the stage.
  • Erish held my hand gently. His hands feel so warm to me. I smiled sweetly and slowly raised my head to look at his face. After raising my head, my eyes met his devilish and gorgeous eyes which looked at me dearly. He didn't smile but there is something different from other days. I can feel his love only by seeing his eyes. The way he is looking at me. The way his eyes never left my face. I can feel all his love just through his eyes. His gentle eyes and his warm touch.
  • A few seconds later rituals started and we both made promises to each other to never leave each other's side and always be together no matter what happens..!
  • After that Father (Priest) finally told Erish to kiss me.
  • Hearing father, for the first few minutes he didn't make any move but after that, he finally came closer to me and opened my veil. I could clearly see his handsome face which I admired from childhood and now I will admire him for the rest of my life. Finally today I can claim this handsome man as my husband. With this thought, I blushed deeply.
  • His eyes didn't leave my face even for one second after he opened my veil. Another second he cupped my face under his hand and his face started leaning towards me. Seeing him so close, I shyly closed my eyes and started waiting passionately for his kiss. He didn't know how much I waited for his first kiss. Yes, this is our first lip kiss. As he is a gentleman who promised me that he will give me my first kiss on our wedding day... So in these whole years, he always kisses my forehead and cheeks and now I feel like finally, the day comes when I get my first kiss. Just thinking about our first kiss, I feel so happy.
  • But all the excitement vanishes when I feel a warm sensation in my forehead. I suddenly open my eyes confusedly when I feel that he kissed my forehead and not my lips. That time somehow I felt a little bit upset and disappointed. But seeing his awkward little red face, my whole disappointment vanished and I chuckled softly. I thought in my heart, how silly I'm..? How can I forget that it was also his first kiss? And kissing me in front of everyone, he feels somehow shy and awkward. That's why he kissed me on the forehead.
  • After realizing that it didn't matter to me if he didn't kiss my lips. Because I already belong to him and only him.
  • After Erish kissed me, everyone started clapping and cheering. Erish parents and my parents happily smile and bless us.
  • This whole thing just feels like a beautiful dream for me which I want to never ever end…!